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  1. I got married there on Feb 26 2010 and had Ariadna as my wc. I agree she is the best!!
  2. Hi, I'm getting married there in 2 weeks! I used destinationweddings.com and had my consultant with them handle almost all of the date and package details. Let me know if you have any questions! Nicole
  3. Hi. I booked back in March thru my travel agent with Destination Weddings. I haven't had a problem. Did you get to do a wite visit? The place is awesome. we are getting married on February 26th 2010! Nicole
  4. Sorry I forgot to mention that was at the Valentin!!
  5. Jennie, I jus paid 484.00 per night. That included all taxes fees and round trip transportation from the airport. We are going Feb 21-28 2010.
  6. shamrock78


    Ok here is what we have so far: Dress: 1000.00 Wedding band: 1000.00 My jewelry: 250.00 Photography(wedding & ttd): 7500.00 Video: 1800.00 Wedding Package: 1900.00 Bridesmaid gifits: 200.00 OOT Bags: (so far) 50.00 Ipod for reception: 400.00 STD: 100.00 I think that's it so far. We still need to get FI clothes and ring. Probably some extras for the ceremony. We still don't have rates for the hotel yet. So frustrating. nicole
  7. My TA emaild the resort and got this response. The recepition can be held at an area outside the mexican, italian, or lobster pot for no additional fees. This means that you will not be in the actual restaurant with the rest of the diners. I saw all three of the locations when I went on my site visit and they are all very nice. I'm inbetween the mexican and lobster pot venues.
  8. Hey everyone, I'm getting the unforgettable package also, we are bringing in Del Sol photograpy so does that mean we also get the resorts photographer? The package does say it includes photos. We were origanally going with moments that matter for the wedding and del sol for the ttd photos but fiance didn't book in time and now moments that matter are booked for out date. I think he did it on purpose because he wanted del sol all along!! nicole
  9. Jenn, Hope the pic's I sent by email were helpful. We have pretty much decided on Moments that Matter for the wedding and Del Sol for the trash the dress session. Del Sol was very expensive to use Del Sol for the whole thing. Moments that Matter don't seem to have done a lot of weddings in Riviera Maya yet but have a lot scheduled for this year. hope this helps. We didn't get to see any rooms on our site inspection (they said they were full) so when you do your site visit, I would like to see some candid photo's of the different room types. Thanks nicole
  10. I sent my save the date's last week and my wedding isn't utill Feb 2010. I sent an info sheet along with it on how to sign up for our website. Out of about 40 magnets ten people have looked at the site.
  11. soon2b, thanks, i think we will do something like that too. We don't have a lot of people so the cost seems to high.
  12. soon2b, what are you doing for the music, dj. I think we are only going to have about 20 people and am not sure that I want to spend the money on a dj. thanks nicole
  13. Hey everyone, I'm getting married 02/26/2010 at the Valentin Imperial Maya. I did a site tour in March and the property was jaw dropping. Email communication has worked so far, I am using a TA from destinationweddings.com. So far I've learned that you pretty much make all of your final decisions once you get down there (two or three days before the wedding. yikes!)
  14. Hey everyone! hope the pic's I emailed were helpful. I've got a while to go, but I am getting excited. I will be picking up my dress in two weeks!!
  15. Hey guys, If anyone wants, email me at 78shamrock@gmail.com, and I will email you some photos I took from the first week of March. Can't figure out the photo bucket thing.