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  1. Hello ladies! Andie - congrats and thanks for the review, that is incredibly helpful to have an idea of what to expect. I am leaving tomorrow morning, and my wedding is March 2nd - once I get back, I will update how it went. Good luck and happy planning!! Ang
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by jessej Hi Ladies. I am also a Dreams Huatulco Bride. My name's Jessica, I live in Toronto and we're getting married the first week in March '09. (two months away--ahhhhh!!!) we are still having troubles getting in contact with the resort. Any one else having these issues?? Hi Jessica - how's your progress? I've been feeling the same, but my only communication has been w/ my TA, not direct with resort. I think we are 2 of a few brides that will be there the first week in March! We booked the gold pkg, but as I mentioned in my previous post we are waiting to hear back to confirm everything in place. How did you set yours up?
  3. Hello! I found this thread while searching online for information on my upcoming wedding. I am getting married March 2, 2009 (we fly out Feb 27), at the Dreams Resort in Huatulco, Mexico. I have so many questions and am worried about running out of time. We have our trip booked through my fiance's cousin, and I feel that I can identify with a lot of the feedback here - I haven't had direct communication with the resort, however once my TA got information to me, I found that things needed to be done immediately - ie. we only had about a week or two in July to get our deposits in, after not hearing from the resort for nearly 2 months. And we needed to have the $500 deposit for the actual wedding in the same day I got my contract, with a lot of TBD on it - I still have yet to confirm many details. I find it is taking a long time to get information / hear back from the resort, and I still don't know about flowers, music, time frame etc., however I am supposed to have more info later this week. We are getting married on the beach, and picked a time of 5 pm - I was told this would give a nice amount of time for daytime and sunset pictures, as the sun sets around 6:10 pm this time of year. We have about 35 ppl, and for the reception have it set for the terrace by the pool, which is right off the beach. I am waiting to hear about setup there, for music etc., is this a nice location for the reception? Another question I have is about the spa - I want to set up mani/peds, has anyone used the spa services here? My TA has contacted the resort to have it set up ahead of time, but this is something I am still waiting for an answer on. My fiance was also wondering about deep sea fishing - does anyone know an approx cost, and is this something you book thru the resort / in advance, or is it just done once you get there? I look forward to hearing from you! Ang
  4. Ang

    March 2009 - Huatulco

    Hello! My name is Angela (I also go by Ang). I am getting married March 2, 2009, at the Dreams Resort in Huatulco, Mexico, so my countdown is on!