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  1. Hey everyone!! I'm getting married in St. John in April. We're having a private ceremony in Cinnamon Bay and I've got pretty much everything worked out except one thing...does anyone know of a good hair salon there? I've looked online and the only one I've really been able to find is Grapevine and they look to be kind of expensive. Any suggestions would really help. Thanks!!
  2. Has anyone heard of the photographer Bob Schlesinger at Tropical Focus? Our wedding officiant recommended him, but I thought I would ask you guys if you had every heard of him. Thanks! Lindsay
  3. Thanks to everyone for their welcome and well wishes. We're actually having a private ceremony on a sailboat in Cinnamon Bay.
  4. I'm getting married!!!!! And not only that but I'm getting married on St. John!!! And words just can't describe the feelings that I'm experiencing right now. Last week we booked the flight and the BEAUTIFUL villa, but this morning I got the confirmation from the officiant and it hit me like a ton of bricks!!! It's the most amazing feeling I've ever felt, I can't even imagine how I'm going to feel when I actually say "I do!" Has anyone else felt this or am I just a really emotional person??
  5. Wow!! I knew Target had dresses, but I didn't know they had all this stuff. Thanks for sharing!!
  6. Hi everyone!! My name is Lindsay and I'm getting married on the island of St. John April 23, 2009 and I couldn't be more excited!!!! We've decided to stay in a villa instead of one of the resorts because they are so expensive!! I'm so looking forward to going down there, getting married and just relaxing and not having to do anything!!
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