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  1. Hey Girlfriends! Me again! Last night I so got into Vistaprint and considered giving their domain website a shot. So I researched for any feedback or reviews on their website services and found this:


    Consumer complaints about VistaPrint.com


    Now, I am so paranoid and can't wait until Monday to cancel all the free stuff I ordered cos I might get into trouble later.


    Past clients, did you check on your credit card bills and found none?


    Or maybe someone can redirect me if a there is already a thread regarding this issue?

  2. Quote:
    Originally Posted by hanna View Post
    Make sure you use their "free" items sale where you just pay for shipping. I highly recommend Vistaprint. I agree, don't pay extra for the fast shipping, it doesn't make much difference. We got our STD magnets, STD calendar magnets, tentiative rsvp and final rsvp postcards, calendar, tshirt, hat, pens, letterhead, post it notes, thank you cards, large postcards. We uploaded some images, which costs about $5, and they payed for some extra envelopes for $5, and then payed for shipping. Everything was under $50. Awesome!
    Thanks! I ordered some free stuff, just to see the quality of their print. Cant wait to see them. cheer2.gif
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