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    Riu v. Dreams....another one

    Thanks Kelly! That 25 bucks might get annoying for a lot of my friends...since they are already forking out the money to come down there too! We are flying our priest down with us to perform the ceremony at San Jose del Cabo Catholic Church, so all I have to worry about is the reception (I hope!). I am just worried it is going to be super hot, but if its a dry heat, I'm from Dallas, so I can handle that : ) because the church has no ac. I submitted that request over 2 weeks ago, but I might see if my travel agent can work something out to help me get in touch with her. I meet with him on Monday. Between work and grad-school 2 nights a week, this planning is a nightmare! And since we are paying for it ourselves, I really have to stay on budget and I don't think I can hire a WC just yet, but I might later on. BTW- Shout out STL! I graduated from SLU in 2005 (Go Billikens!) did you find pretty good rates for everyone from there because a lot of my girlfriends from school and my entire extended family are flying out of there. Thanks again for your help and congratulations...you are almost married!!! ~Megan
  2. Hey Y'all, I am ready to book with Riu, but I keep reading these posts about how great Dreams is, so it is reallllly swaying me. How close is Dreams to downtown - would anyone know how much a cab would cost either? Also, I tried to make an online reservation at Riu and emailed Daniela, I know she is notorious for not returning emails though. Should I be worried about not having it reserved if it is not until August 15th? I am so clueless about this...Thank GOD for this site!!!!! Thanks everyone! Megan
  3. Almand2Be

    Catholic Church in Cabo

    I just thought the San Jose was beautiful and was kind of my ideal dream for the mission type church. I was able to find more info on this one too.
  4. Hi Maura, Thank you so much for this info! We are also flying down our priest because after I read your debacle my fiance made the firm decision that we are flying our priest down because it will just take off a ton of stress. I just asked Padre if we could make the ceremony time at 5:00 because I really want to get good pictures in my dress outside the church. My dress is not really heavy material, but standing around in the heat won't help me either. Do you think that it would be hotter then or at 12:00? I really want to get pictures outside the church but not if its ridiculous hot. Were you able to get dresses at the churhc too or did you have to wear it there? Thank you soooooo much and congrats on your wedding. You look absolutely amazing! -Megan
  5. Hi Y'all--- Does anyone know when the hottest time of the day is in August? I am getting married in San Jose Catholic Church and I read on someone's post that the church does not have AC. Fr. Juve is really hard to get in touch with, but we are reserved for 12:00 pm b/c I was thinking that might make it better in terms of hotness. If anyone can make any suggestions, that would be awesome. I can change the time if I need, but I am worried the church is going to be really hot and I will be a sweaty mess!!! Any help is super appreciated! -Megan
  6. I think everyone is going to stay at either place, depending on whether or not they want an A.I or more of a time share. If I have it at Riu Santa Fe they require 80% of the reception party to stay at the hotel. Several of my friends are planning on staying at PBR because one has a timeshare there, so it works out much better for them. I would love to hire a WC but I am not sure I can budget that b/c it looks like some of them cost around 3K just to start with.
  7. Hi Yall, I am really freaking out with choosing a reception site. My fiance and I are paying for everything on our own and we are trying to keep it around 10K. However, I am expecting about 55 ppl because I have such a large family and group of friends that can and are more than excited to go. While I know this is a blessing, it is stressful on the $$$ situation b/c I don't want to give them anything less than awesome for spending so much on my wedding. We are getting married at San Jose del Cabo Catholic Church, so thats not really an issue on cost, but I wanted to know if anyone had suggestions on where where we should have the reception? We want everyone to stay near downtown cabo san lucas at either the pueblo bonito rose or riu santa fe, so I would love to have it somewhere near there. I have a vision of it on a terrace overlooking the beach/sea, but I have no clue if I can make this happen. I looked into both receptions and it looks like the pbr would be a little nicer but on the website they say its 150/person for the package, mainly b/c its 4 hr of open bar and a huge buffet/sit down, and the problem with the riu is that at least 80% of teh guests are required to stay there or they'll cancel it. If anyone can let me know whether they have any info on receptions at either place or the policies, I would be eternally grateful. This site is a God-send!!! Sorry this is so long! -Megan
  8. Almand2Be

    Getting married in 11 months....

    Hi Y'all, My name is Megan and I am new to the forum and just from reading some of the dated and recent posts I can tell this is going to be extremely helpful. My fiance and I are getting married on August 15, 2009 at San Jose del Cabo Catholic Church. I have absolutely no idea where to do the reception though. We thought about the Riu or Pueblo Bonito Rose, but it says the packages at PBR start at like 150/person. Some of my family will only stay at an all inclusive and I am expecting around 55-60 people. Does anyone know if those can be worked into a la carte or to suit our budget. We are really trying to keep everything under 8K for the reception/flowers/ cake, because we are paying for it ourselves. Our parents are older and since we are both much younger than all of our siblings, we don't want to ask our parents for the money. If anyone has any suggestions, I am all ears and extremely grateful! Congratulations to everyone on their upcoming nuptials! -Megan