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  1. I had my hair done there, and it was only $60 US which I thought was reasonable. I didn't have to worry about it and it gave me a chance to sit back and do nothing for at least an hour that day... One of my BMs also had her hair done and it was the same price. (you can check out the hair on MEXICO Destination Wedding Photography, Wedding Photojournalism throughout the Mayan Riviera and we're Puerto Aventuras - Catalonia Yucatan - Angie & Chad)
  2. There is an updated menu (which I think may have the same menu prices as the one Morgan posted on here before) http://www.hoteles-catalonia.com/hc/...=detalle&id=80 We weren't charged an hourly fee for the "pure chill out bar", we had 40 people at the wedding, and had no other choice for a reception other than the P.C.O.B. and we had chosen the Grill menu and I can 100% say it was worth every penny!! At first we thought it was insane to pay more on top of the all inclusive package we were already paying, but it truly was amazing! There is a fee for the DJ which is almost $200 US so we didn't go with that, but that meant we had no microphone for the speeches and also found out (day of the wedding) that to play our CDs we brought we had to pay just over $100 US for that (should have opted for the DJ maybe) I think that the menu prices are set in stone, and if they were to allow outside caterers in (which I doubt) it would cost the same if not more.. hope that helps a bit
  3. I was married there in January and we went down with 40 people.. all who LOVED the cat! There are no huge negatives about the resort at all! We had an upgraded room and it was beautiful. We wanted the bigger room since all the girls in the wedding party and myself were going to be getting ready in there.. very worth it! All the room aside from the upgraded ones are the "normal" hotel rooms and they all seemed to have nice views with them. As for hair.. there is a spa on site that does hair and they do a great job.. its pretty cheap too considering your in a resort ($40-$50 US) I would also recommend getting a photographer.. we used Lincoln and Lori from "Moments that Matter" and I can honestly say they were worth every penny and more! They were incredible! Check out their site Wedding Photographer Mexico , Cancun , Playa Del Carmen , Mayan Riviera Our wedding is the "Mayan wedding", "Trash the Dress", and "Album".. theres some pics of the resort too..
  4. We got married at the Catalonia about a month ago.. there is a salon there and I got my hair done there.. I really loved it! It cost $50 US for my hair style and my sister got an updo for the same amount. For the ceremony, I would say it would be difficult for anyone in a wheelchair to walk in as it is all sand. If your having the reception in the "pure chill out bar" there is a sidewalk and it's sturdy ground within the bar so no problems there.. check out my hair and pics done by Lincoln and Lori from "Moments that matter".. they're amazing!!!! They are offering their services to that area of Mexico and EVERYONE in our party pf 40 all agreed they were incredible! Wedding Photographer Mexico , Cancun , Playa Del Carmen , Mayan Riviera
  5. We just got back from our wedding at the Catalonia (we would be the couple that Lincoln and Lori wrote about in their post).. I had my hair done there and as they mentioned in the post, I brought a picture I printed off the computer and she did it exactly the same. I paid $45 US which was more than reasonable. For makeup, one of my BM's did it for me and we just went to MAC makeup and did a trial run before going away to see what we should use for SPF, sweat and tear proof makeup and whats best for pictures. Lincoln and Lori with Moments that Matter Photography did an AMAZING job and I highly recommend them! We had 40 people attend the wedding and every single person raved about the job they did. I would suggest getting in touch with them. You only get married once so I would say get great photographers to capture the memories. You should take a look at the 2 slideshows they've just put together as a sample on their website.. its really great. Let me know if you have any questions at all.. Good luck!
  6. Thanks so much you guys! I am waiting for the WC to get back to me about this too. I think that maybe they are being overly cautious and that's why they're asking for it! I'll see what she says and also check with those links to see what they see too! Thanks again...
  7. I'm being told by the resort (catalonia Riviera Maya/Yucatan Beach) that we need the long version of our Birth certificates in English and Spanish stamped by an Appostille here in Canada before we come to get married in the Mayan Riviera. A friend of mine is also gettign married in the Mayan at one of the Riu's and said she doesnt need these? can someone let me know if these are required especially if anyone has been married at the Catalonia Riviera Maya/Yucatan Beach? Thanks so much!!
  8. Has anyone used the photographer that the Catalonia Yucatan uses? We're trying to find a photographer within our budget.. also if anyone has feedback on Cancun Mayan Riviera Merida Mexico professional photographer wedding portrait family editorial model fashion glamour - Eduardo Machuca- powered by SmugMug work, I'd also be interested in hearing??
  9. Thanks everyone!! Morgan.. I will have many questions for you..lol
  10. Hi everyone!! I am so excited to be on here now so I can get advice and info on destination weddings, and ask those that have been to the resort I am getting married at!! I am going to the Mayan Riviera Jan. 4th 2009 and hoping to have the wedding on Jan. 8th at the Catalonia Yucatan Beach Resort. We're staying a 2nd week for our Honeymoon at the El Dorado Seaside Suites.. So exciting! If anyone has any helpful info/advice, please let me know...
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