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  1. I finally got it to open, I think it was my computer. Great review, fabulous cake and amazing pics. You were a beautiful bride!!
  2. My Faincee was super cute about the engagemant, he proposed on Christmas morning. We were getting ready to go to my family's house and he was trying to get the baby ready. He said "Babe, come here I need your help getting Brielle dressed" when I went in there she was already all dressed in her pretty Christmas dress and tights, so I said "what do you need?" and he said "does she look ok?" When I looked closer I saw the ring sitting on her chest, he was holding her in his arms. I grabbed that ring so fast and then he asked me to marry him. It was so sweet. It was the best Christmas gift ever!! All day I got to tell everyone that I got a fiancee for Christmas!!
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    Hello- New here! My name is Shannon Baldwin and I am getting married at Dreams Cancun on October 17th 2009. So far I've had bad luck with forums, not too sure how to use them so I get deleted. Hopefully that won't happen here!! Thanks! Shannon
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