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  1. I haven't been there but am getting married in 5 weeks at Secrets Capri and have pictures from people who have been if you are interested? Just send me your email and I will send you them!
  2. Also did anyone stay in the honeymoon suite? Is it worth the difference in price? Does anyone have any pics of it?
  3. Omigosh can you please send me some pics of your big day, my email is Jennifer.Campbell@homevestors.com thank you soo much
  4. Did you ever post those pic's of your honeymoon? I am getting married there in November!!
  5. How did you like the resort, we haven't been and are getting married this November!!
  6. I totally feel your pain! I'm surprised at some of my friends who I have known forever and family members who have the money who just aren't coming! And then the friends I've had for ever or met within the last 5 yrs and barely see that are totally showing up for us and making me feel like the cost is no big deal. I realize by doing DW not everyone can make it but I didn't realize I'd lose Bridesmaids and close family to the cost ; (
  7. Hey ladies, I am soo excited to have been introduced to this website! My name is Jen and I am getting married on November 7,2008 in the Riveira Maya, Mexico at the Secrets Capri Resort. I would love any helpful ideas of things to do or not do through the actual resort for the wedding. I wanted to know if anyone has booked a band with an outside vendor and loved the DJ or Band and could recommend them to me. Also I am having my reception by the gazebo and pool and read about the area not being private enough? Do they not close it off for just the wedding party? Sorry so many questions but it's really hard planning a wedding somewhere you've never been and hoping it will be a success ; ) Jen
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