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    Planning my "real" wedding

    Hi Everyone! I just got married at city hall over the weekend and had a small dinner reception at a local Italian place. Ideally this was not the way I want it to be... SO, we are planning a destination wedding for just close family and friends. We are saving now to buy a home or townhome. The plan is to move in about a year. While all of this is happening, I would like to begin making plans for the "real" wedding in Jamaica. I guess it really is not a wedding, more like renewing our vows. But I wanted to get all dolled up and get the dress, take beautiful pics, etc. I have been to the RIU Ocho Rios before and liked it. However, I was not in the "marriage" frame of mind and did not even think about looking at the wedding gazebo, etc. This forum looks so helpful, so I look forward to finding out all the ins and outs of planning a destination wedding. Thanks!! Kathryn