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  1. Hello Morgan, Rachel Bakker here from Shutterfly. I actually manage the Shutterfly Gallery so welcome any input you have on how to make our photo books and Gallery even better. Also, I wanted to point out a very cool Shutterfly template that works well with wedding photo books - it's the Tribute album on the below page. All of these templates are nice because they have a more personalized look than the standards. Shutterfly | Creating Keepsakes (If you would prefer me not to include links to Shutterfly, let me know) If you have any questions about Shutterfly, please feel free to reply to this thread. I check it often. Thanks!
  2. Hi All, Rachel from Shutterfly here again. I got to thinking about how sfly photo books can help brides save money, and actually found a lot of great examples on our public Gallery - Shutterfly Gallery | Free Online Photo Book Sharing | Browse All Categories. A lot of brides who post in the Gallery mention that photo books are a lot more cost effective than traditional wedding albums, plus they made great keepsake gifts for family, friends, guests, etc. - since they are easily sharable. Just thought I would put that out there. If you have any questions about Shutterfly and wedding photos or photo books, feel free to ask. I check this thread fairly often. Thanks! Rachel
  3. Hi Shandra, My name is Rachel and I actually work at Shutterfly. Our customer service team tells me that your book will most likely be delivered by 9/29, but if you're still concerned, send me an email at rbakker@shutterfly.com with your order number or email address, and we'll look into your specific order. Hope that helps.
  4. Morgan, So sorry for the late reply. Our DVD service has been around for awhile, but please note, this service is not a download but an actual DVD. For example, let's say you share a bunch of high-res images to you your mom via Shutterfly. She wouldn't be able to download those images directly from the Shutterfly site, but you (or she) could order a Shutterfly DVD of those images and have them sent directly to her in the mail. Hope that makes sense. If you have more questions about Shutterfly I will be happy to answer them. Thanks so much, Rachel B
  5. RBakker

    Newbie from Shutterfly

    Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone. Makes my day every time I receive one. If anyone has Shutterfly questions I will be happy to answer them. I also have a question. Per my previous email, any advice on a good Anniversary destination (for me and my husband plus let's say 20 guests)? I have friends and relatives I'd like to invite from the both coasts, and Europe. Apologies if this has already been addressed in another thread. Thanks so much. Rachel
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    Hi Morgan, That is a very good question, and I will try my best to answer. However, please keep in mind that I am not a lawyer (I manage our Shutterfly Gallery), and am therefore not extremely familiar with all of the permissions details...so my word is definitely not gold. But here goes. In my experience. if we're interested in leveraging customer content for emails, ads, etc., we always ask for their permission upfront and in many cases provide compensation. The participants are always very excited and pleased to participate. For instance, we have a summer promotionn running right now (summer of 200 that features actual Shutterfly customers. These folks have provided their permission, and are happy to be featured. FYI - for our terms and conditions about customer submissions, see the "submission" sections of Shutterfly | Help | Terms & Conditions Hope that helps. And please feel free to contact me if you have more questions. Best, Rachel B P.S. On a completely different note...I want to do a destination type event for our 10-year anniversary, and have friends/relatives all over the US and Europe. What destination do you think would entice people the most? I was thinking Greece, but am concerned that west coast people won't want to spend the $...any advice would be much appreciated
  7. Hi Bianca, Since I work for Shutterfly and love it both as an employee and customer, I'm definitely prone to be all about Shutterfly's services and products. However, I am also a big fan of celebrations, weddings being one, and (don't laugh) cocktail parties being the other. I find cocktail-related occasions nostalgic and romantic (think "The Thin Man" series) - and I hold at least one cocktail party per year for the sheer joy of being able to play the bartender. Weddings are also close to my heart, because I have two good friends who are huge wedding fans, and I have caught the wedding bug through them. One of my friends used to be a professional floral designer and would always tell me stories about the fantastic weddings she experienced. My other friend probably holds the world record for most weddings ever attended, and she still has a fondness for looking at wedding magazines after 10 years of marriage. My own wedding-related dream is to hold a huge celebration for our 10-year anniversary - cocktails included of course. I will definitely choose a special white dress for the occasion, and I may even have all the guests dress in wedding wear. I've got a couple years to plan all this, so there's lots of time to dream up all the details. Thanks for asking! Rachel
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    Newbie from Shutterfly

    Hi, My name is Rachel, and I work for Shutterfly, which relates indirectly with all things wedding But I really don't want this to be a shameless plug, so will just leave it at that. I have been married for 8 years, but remember our wedding like it was yesterday. We actually pulled it off in 6-weeks -scary, I know - but it turned out beautifully. The secret? Don't laugh, but the key to our success was in large part due to our wedding date - April 1, 2000. Since many couples were squeemish about choosing April Fools Day for a wedding ceremony, all the services associated with weddings for that particular day were available - some at a nice discount,too We got our first choice in everything - location, catering, cake, flowers, tables, etc. And, all our guests were free that weekend - imagine that! So if you're not superstitious, I highly recommend choosing a non-traditional date for a wedding. My husband and I are still happily married, and we still giggle over our renegade day. Okay, so we had to include the following phrase in our invitations - "No Fooling, we're really getting married" - but it was a small price to pay
  9. Hi All, My name is Rachel and I actually work at Shutterfly, so thought I would pipe in with more info. I realize my opinions may be a little biased, but we do have great products that fit right in with all things wedding: planning, communications, albums, photo archives, etc 1) Shutterfly's new share sites are a great place to make a destination wedding come to life for guests both before and after the event with picture sharing, forums, polls, blogging tools and more.... see: Shutterfly | Share 2) Our photo books have been rated top notch (though it seems like the comments of the community reinforce that)... particularly appealing are the choices of form factor and backgrounds/font customization available which is unmatched... 3) You can get high-res images from Shutterfly by ordering a DVD (Shutterfly | Archive DVDs)... Depending on the quantity of images you need to download it costs between .09 and .02 each... (the more the cheaper) Hope this helps, and please feel free to reply with questions Best, Rachel B Shutterfly