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  1. target sells rings that say "Always sisters, forever friends" in sterling silver for $40.00... something she can always wear.
  2. I'm having a hard time finding a cake with the right colors. I don't want too traditional.... My wedding is in West LA.. I would appreciate any suggestions though.. My colors are ivory and burgandy/wine..
  3. Def. do not for cash. A wedding isn't about the gifts and you aren't to expect them. Its about rejoicing and celebrating with you. ***Now being realistic...trust me...go to the this website. They give you the cash!!! Honeymoon Wishes - Honeymoon Registry where your wedding gift is a Romantic Honeymoon
  4. My Fiance and I registered recently. We didn't want the anything from department stores, as we live toghther and have for a long time now. This site allows you to sign up for whatever you want. There is a 7% service charge (per gift) but less than sales tax...and its billed to either you or those giving you the gift. You can pull out the money whenever you wish...and apply it any which way you want...you can apply it to what you signed up for...or use it wherever you need it. Check it out honeymoonwishes.com
  5. Actually, I am having the bottom one be a mock up. So a faux bottom...for illusion. I am having 200 guest.
  6. No, thinking something with feather though...gotta keep some glam up. I have my cake posted..tell me what you think.
  7. No way..that is expensive. My Fiance and I registered @ Honeymoon Wishes - Honeymoon Registry where your wedding gift is a Romantic Honeymoon and you can do a briefing of that. Plus people can donate to your honeymoon. They donate to whatever you want and you can pull the cash whenever and apply it to the gifts they got for you.
  8. Like this cake?? This is one of the cakes thats on top of my list... can you share yours and what do you think of this one?? PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LEAVE SUGGESTIONS...VERY OPEN AT THIS POINT.
  9. lls I'm trying for an Old Hollywood glamour theme...(of course cheaper version of it all) and thought of these place cards, minus the breakfast at tiffany's...I don't want to theme my tables... What do you think? I can use any other suggestions...
  10. I have to go with the second colors. First ones are a bit loud...Second can use a little boast of green... I can see why the first set of colors is nice, but you can see why a male wouldn't want those..more female oriented.
  11. I agree with Isla...they are nice and clean. I'm looking for the same kind of clean look, but am drawn to the tri-folds... These are very clean and nice. good choice.
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