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  1. I'm curious what reception venues you all used to accomodate up to 100 guests? I posted the question but got no replies. We are planning a site visit to Playa del Carmen in mid-August and do not plan on staying at a large AI resort so we're looking for restuarants, event centers, beachclubs... Thanks!
  2. Going to Playa del Carmen for my birthday(!) mid-August and to meet the wedding planner For the wedding, we are staying in vacation condo rentals on the beach, not at a big resort, so any suggestions for reception venues for 75-100 people November 1? The wedding planner has some beach clubs in mind, but I would love to see what else is out there and make site visits while we're in town. Thanks all!
  3. suncatcher

    Newlywed-to-be Nov 1, 2008 PDC

    What a warm welcome, thank you! We selected Ajua wedding planners for our November 1 wedding, which happens to follow Halloween and precedes Day of the Dead. They have the ability to cater if all the restaurants are booked for special occasions. Planning a welcome dinner on Halloween might be a little crazy as well... If its in the low 80s in November, that's still an improvement over what it was today in Seattle, during the height of summer! Would you chance a beach wedding though? They would hold the 2nd floor of their restaurant as a backup in the event of rain.
  4. suncatcher

    Newlywed-to-be Nov 1, 2008 PDC

    Hi all! My name is Uyen from Kirkland, WA and we have contracted with a wedding planner for a November 1, 2008 ceremony in Playa del Carmen!!!! We've booked the chapel and a half-dozen beachfront condos at Luna Encantada but the rest is yet to be determined. Looking forward to your generous thoughts and advice! Is the weather comfortable for a dinner on the beach on November 1 (too cool, too windy? better in a restaurant?). Do we need to provide transportation for our guests between Calle 6 and the main square Zocalo (6 blocks?). It looks walkable... Cheers!