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  1. I found a great site if you're looking for food in Vegas but aren't sure what kinds of restaurants are there (We're trying to plan our Vegas wedding from within Canada, haha): U.S. Menu Guide: Las Vegas Restaurants USMenuGuide.com is actually great for lots of major US cities -- if you go to their main page, just USMenuGuide you can choose other cities to browse. Basically it's a site that links you to various restaurants in that major city, but you can search and filter your searches by type of restaurant, by neighbourhood, by casino or hotel, and then by the restaurant's features... such as whether or not they have private rooms, outdoor seating, buffets, brunches, micro brews, etc. etc. etc. Then when you choose to browse a restaurant via the site, there's all kinds of pertinent information along the left menu of the page, such as what kinds of payment methods they accept, whether they have a dress code (and what it is, if that applies), their ambiance, their features, whether or not they take reservations, hours, parking info if necessary, etc. It's great! You can usually also browse their menu from the site (or they link you to the restaurant's official website) and/or see their party/special occasion menus, too. It's been a huge help for us! Good luck! We're leaving for Vegas in less than a week now, can't wait!
  2. Congratulations, Christine -- you're due in 4 days I see! Thanks for the suggestion for Cozymels. I'll definitely check it out. Now that we're a week away, I'm cutting it kind of close. I looked into Maggiano's, but they didn't have any openings for our date and time. My fault for waiting so long! I did find a great site, US Menu Guide: Las Vegas Restaurants and it shows all kinds of restaurants in Las Vegas, for example (Though if you go to just www.usmenuguide.com you can search by other U.S. cities, too) and you can search the restaurants by lots of different filters... such as if they have private rooms, type of food, etc. This is where I found Fellini's -- a place I think that we are going to look into and decide on seriously. They have a private room and the space on our date and at the time we want. Fellini's is Italian food, and for their private rooms they have special occasion menus; three different setups to choose from, varying in price from $19.95/person to $28.95/person. The more expensive, the more entree options you have to choose between. All meals come with a house salad or soup to start, and then a choice of entree. The chapel we are getting married at provides us with a cake, so we'll bring our own, but the manager did ask me if we wanted to add a wedding cake onto our "package" as well, so if you needed a cake, this would be perfect. You can add a soft drink package to the dinners for $3.00/person, which is unlimited soft drinks and tea/coffee as well. You can have it set where guests get their own alcoholic beverages from their bar (and as such, are responsible for paying for them if you choose) and for our very casual dinner after the ceremony this seems really reasonable for us! The great part is that they have 3 locations -- the one on the casino floor level of the Stratosphere Hotel specializes in themed private rooms for special occasions, so that's where we are thinking of going. I went ahead and reserved the date and time while we check out a few other places last minute first. But we'll probably end up there! Thanks for all of your help and suggestions everyone!
  3. Thanks for the well wishes, Jen and good suggestion, becks! I really like the idea of the tapas place that Jen mentioned, Firefly, but we'll have to see. My parents are getting in a day before us, so they're going to help "scout it out" and see if it's doable and see what else is around for options just in case. Thanks for all of your help! I have places to add to my parents' list to check into for me before we get there
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Jen5372 I would suggest Firefly, off the strip, excellent TAPAS restaurant. We go all the time, we might go there after our reception. HUge pitchers ofr sangria-all homemade. They are on the vegas websites and google search! Oooh what a great suggestion -- thanks!! We'll totally look into them
  5. What an awesome idea, Monique! Thank you! We may just have to do this one -- I love it! And thanks for the site recommendation for stickers and such, DougsGirl! Appreciate it much <3
  6. So we're having a very casual wedding in Vegas and our original plan was just to all decide to meet at x buffet after the ceremony for dinner in lieu of a reception. We realized yesterday as we started counting the rsvp notes that we're going to have between 25 and 30 people there, and perhaps this isn't the best way to approach dinner. Does anyone know of casual places or buffets along the strip or at one of the casinos (not too expensive) that take reservations for parties of 25-30? I'd like to call a few places and see if we can make sure there'd be room for all of us together somewhere, but I just don't know where to begin. We're sure that there's room for 25-30 at some of the buffets, but we want to be sure we can all sit together so we're thinking of trying to set up a reservation now. We're not doing a formal reception or anything, but we would like to be in a large group at dinner instead of spread out! Thanks for any suggestions!!
  7. Thanks, sumrdream I am not sure we have time to get a deck of cards printed, but I like the idea! I also like the idea of little organza bags with chocolate coins and poker chips and such
  8. Hi! I am out of ideas... I am looking for something to make for our destination wedding in Vegas to give as favours to our guests. I've done some browsing and am going to do some forum searching here for unique ideas... but does anyone have any inspiration or suggestions? Lots of beach-themed things, but with it being Vegas, a beach isn't really as fitting. I'd like to make up little goodie bags for our guests, and I'm very crafty, so the making part isn't an issue! Whatever we end up doing, I plan to wrap up the goodie bags/items and make poker chip tags to attach that will have our names and wedding date plus "thank you." I just don't know what the actual favour items will be yet! haha This is a very laid back wedding, we are simply getting married in a Vegas chapel and doing an informal dinner afterwards somewhere, and we'd like to give the favours out then to thank everyone for coming. Anyway, if you've come across any unique DIY ideas that would be fitting for a Vegas theme or have inspiration for me, I'd love to hear it! Thanks so much for your help
  9. Thank you for all of your kind words everyone Glad you like them
  10. I guess this is classified as "origami." I found the paper craft template on the Mirkwood Designs template page, and I've bookmarked it because I plan to use one of the other designs there for our favour packages This is the "secret heart" card template. Our colours are pink and brown, and I loved how with the cream we ended up with a Neapolitan colour scheme. (My fave ice cream!) -- I wish I had scanned one of the envelopes; we had a cute bride and groom stamp that we used pink ink on and stamped the design by everyone's addresses. Anyway, tell me what you think! I wish I had found this site earlier... we really like the boarding pass invite idea But we still love our invites The outside, all closed up. The pink paper is "embossed" so it's raised on the outside and on the inside/back side of the paper, the design is inset. We slid in a piece of white vellum paper to make the heart stand out more: The inside, all opened up: Our little inserts. We printed these on light pink vellum paper: We're now looking for cute things to make for our favours for everyone that's coming -- with a Vegas style or theme to them. And then we'll also make our thank you cards, so I'll keep browsing this site for more ideas Thanks for looking! We'd love your feedback
  11. We're getting married in Las Vegas! June 20, 2008. We're getting married at A Las Vegas Wedding Chapel -- lvchapel.com and staying at NY, NY. I'm looking around for unique and crafty favour ideas for our guests that I can make
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    Thanks everyone We're getting married at "A Las Vegas Wedding Chapel" (literally the name) just off the strip and staying at NY, NY. We already have everything booked, paid for, I've got my dress, etc. but now I'm looking for little ideas (I'm very crafty) to give our guests as favours, etc. I can't wait to spend more time browsing this forum! Thank you for all of the kind welcomes <3
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    Hello Just wanted to introduce myself -- a friend told me about this forum as she and I are both engaged and planning destination weddings. My name is Lesley, and my fiance and I are getting married Friday, June 20, 2008 in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. We're planning a long weekend and have quite a few family members and friends planning to attend. I look forward to browsing the site and sharing/getting ideas for our wedding here