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  1. Thank you! Thank you! I will be married at AVP June 6 08 and your pictures have made me smile. Breathtaking!! I only hope mine turn out as beautiful.
  2. KittyKat

    HI Im new! wedding date 6-06-08 at AVP

    I guess I dont know what I need help with because this is all so new to me. Has anyone ever been Aventura Spa Palace? I have my dress, but Im going to have it altered May 3. It has cap sleeves and Im making in sleeveless. I dont know if I should wear high heels or sandals and I have know clue if I should use a tiara or a veil. Aghhh can you tell the lil details are more difficult then the big ones for me....
  3. KittyKat

    New Aventura/Moon Palace Bride!

    Hello, I am getting married there June 6th 2008. I have only heard good things about the resort and like you we will not have any kids at the wedding. This resort is mostly for couples, so hopefully it will be as romantic as it sounds. Happy planning and maybe I will see you there.
  4. Hi everyone!! I have been reading the posts for a week now and finally can post. This is completely new to me, in fact I have never been a member of a forum. I have been planning a destination wedding since Sep 07. We decided on the AVP because of the hundreds of good reviews I have read. I’ve never even been out of the US before, so with the date growing closer and closer I’m starting to get a reality check this is really happening and honestly it’s freaking me out. We paid for the wedding and flights a couple months ago and I have all the legal paperwork ready as well. At this point, it’s just the waiting game. I don’t know what else I should say except the reason I joined the forum. I really don’t have any family supporting me on this so its all me and I would love to hear any advise or experiences this big family would like to share. Hope to talk to you soon!! Kat 1. Name Katherine (friends call me Kat) 2. Wedding date 6-06-08 3. Wedding location Aventura Spa Palace in Riviera Maya Mexico