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  1. I like platinum because it won't change form. I am soo rough on jewelry and I have dented every single old ring I have ever owned. I went with a platinum setting and I have never had an issue with it changing shape. It scatches, but that polishes right out. My jeweler takes care of all of my cleanings and polishings. That is so convient as some of you know! If you are in the Tri-state area, I reccomend Micheal C Fina and Libby in their jewelry department.
  2. I actually bought my bands from Michael C Fina. They have a HUGE selection of micro pave rings. I ended up with one similiar to that by Michael B. I worked with a woman there named Libby and she was so helpful. I have all her info and the info on the ring. Let me know if you need any of it.
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    Hi my name is Sandra and I am getting married in September in Maine. I am from New York City and I am really happy to be involved with a site that caters to soon to be brides! All the best, Sandra