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  1. Hi everyone, Got married on March 29 at tulum. It was absolutely fantastic! when I get my photos I will post them.
  2. YEAH I finally got word grom Jazmin that we can switch to a Renewel of Vows..... So I will be getting legally married of Friday here In NYC........ I can't wait. By the way I had to mail out 4 boxes to Mexico of Saturday because the plane had weight restrictions. It cost me over $600.00 OH MY God. I was shocked.
  3. I used a destination travel specialist to book my travel as well as to book some of guests travel. I ended up calling her in a panic. She called Jazmin yesterday. Jazmin told her that her e-mail has been acting up.. I don't know if i beleive that. I have a feeling they don't want to change since they are goin to lose out on money. Jazmin said they have to see if they can change it. She has to see if they can get a minister to preside over the ceromony. So we sill see. We want to get married next week so i hope we get an answer before then. My travel specialist from destination wedding.com said if she hasn't heard from jazmin by thursday she will put another call in.. Keep your fingers crossed. Melissa
  4. Hi everyone, I want to switch to a renewel of the vows but Jazmin has yet to E-mail me back... I even e-mailed her manager... We are planning to get married here now on the 14 of March. But Jazmin hasn't let me know if I can change to a Renewel of Vows. Does anybody have a number where they can be reached I have tried but it keeps telling me I have dialed a wrong number. 27 Days and counting... Do you think it would be a problem If i just get married here and change the plans when I get there Melissa
  5. Hi everyone, Just to answer some questions.. We have 60 adults coming as well as 10 children. I know alot of people. I wasnt expecting such a good turnout. But what are you going to do. Joseph and I were ogoing to be legally wedded there. But last week decided to just get married here. I have sent 3 e-mails to Jazmin asking her if we can switch to a renewel of the vows but she has yet to reply........ Which is so unlike her. If anybody has had the renewel of the vows.. was there a difference could your guests tell it wasn't the same? Thanks for any info. Melissa
  6. Hello everyone, Just wanted to introduce myself to the forum... I wish i found this site 8 months ago. My wedding is March 29,2008. At Gran Bahia Tulum. I am starting to get really nervous. I guess not being able to really do anything until we get down there is very frustrating. Any advice is greatly appreciated. We are aslo thinkeing to change are legal wedding to a renewel of the vows. And just get married here by the court. has anybody done this? I wanted to know if the guests had any idea. or was it just like any other wedding? Thanks for any info. Melissa
  7. Hi everyone, Wish I found this site 8 monthsago.. Name: Melissa Wedding date: March 29,2008 Location: Gran Bahia Principe Tulum Mexico
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