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    *The official Aruba Brides CHAT thread*

    It's been a little bit over a year since our wedding, and I still have ill feelings towards The Westin. I loved my wedding because of my family, friends, and the beautiful atmosphere, but hated it because I had to work with the people that I was dealt with at The Westin. The people working there at the time weren't as committed to helping me as much as I thought I deserved (and I was not a demanding bride). I still recommend other future Aruba brides out there to avoid The Westin, unless they revamped their buisness department and hired new associates.
  2. aruba2008

    *The official Aruba Brides CHAT thread*

    Whatever you do, don't select the Westin. I was married there three weeks ago and the wounds are still fresh. As noted from my previous postings, they were just so unorganized. My husband and I vowed to never talk about what a horrible experience it was dealing with the wedding coordinator and her lack of professionalism (and her immediate supervisor) because it isn't the memory we wanted to have of our wedding. The actually wedding day was beautiful, but the planning was uncordinated and lacked care. If you want a wedding coordinator to care about you, don't choose the Westin. Now, I know they're going through changes in their wedding department, so maybe things will get better in the future, but I worked with them for ten months and went through four different coordinators; I believe my experience goes to show why that is warning enough. With that being said, I loved Aruba. The people are friendly, the weather is gorgeous and the food is delicious. I don't regret having my wedding in Aruba. All our guests loved the experience. Good luck!
  3. aruba2008

    *The official Aruba Brides CHAT thread*

    I'm beginning to realize why there are no other Westin Aruba brides out there. I already placed a deposit, so I feel as if I need to make the best out of my situation, but for future Aruba brides, I would not recommend the Westin. Now, my opinion could change in a few months, and I hope it does. My only complaint is with the newly hired catering manager (the person you work your contract out with) and her lack of professionalism. I'm going to express my concerns to this person and hope that there will be some changes, but as of now, I could not say that the staff at the Westin are supportive and welcoming. I must add though, that the wedding cordinator, who was also newly hired, seems to be supportive and knows how to reply to an email within a reasonable time frame.
  4. I decided not to change my name. My last name says so much of my culture and family history. I'm not ready to give it up. I agree with the earlier post re: that there is no right or wrong response. We're lucky to have a choice; I'm lucky to have a fiancee that doesn't feel like I'm less committed because I am not going to take his name.
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    *The official Aruba Brides CHAT thread*

    It's going to be a small affair, about 30 people. We're getting married at the Westin in July. I'm excited. I'm imagining it will be a nice long vacation with my favorite people. I heard a lot of mixed reviews about the Westin, but I was in touch with a recent Westin bride (Nov.) and she loved her experience. She sent me helpful photos that gave me a good idea of what the beach and the reception place will look like. The Westin made some changes in their staff, so the communication hasn't been consistent, but I have plenty of time for the details. I'm not going to worry about it now. My fiancee's parents are gracious enough to host a dinner for the immediate family (it'll be the second time the parents will meet!) and a day-after brunch. I'm still thinking about hosting an excusion for our guests possibly the day before or after. Questions for fellow Aruba brides: We already sent out STD, but how far in advanced should we send the invites? Also, who is your photographer? I have a choice between two Paul Van-something or Elthan H. Any thoughts on those two? Thanks.
  6. aruba2008

    Vote - DJ or IPOD???

    Personally, we decided to go with the ipod and spend our money for a steel pan player (since we're getting married in Aruba). Also, we weren't sure what type of selection the DJ would have, and since we're both picky about our music we thought it would be a safer (and more economical) bet to go with our ipod and steel drum player.
  7. aruba2008

    *The official Aruba Brides CHAT thread*

    Are any of you brides planning a day-after brunch? If so, where are you guys planning on having it?
  8. aruba2008

    *The official Aruba Brides CHAT thread*

    Hi. I'm a newbie and I'm getting married at the Westin in Palm Beach, Aruba on July 5. I've heard mixed reviews of the place, but I was in contact with a recent bride and she quelled many of the doubts I had. I'm glad I found other Aruba brides! The date is set and that's about it. We'll be having a small wedding, maybe 30 friends and family. I've never been there, but I only heard great things about the people and food. Does any one have any activities planned? Snorkeling? Horseback riding? What companies are you using? -linda
  9. aruba2008

    This is exciting!

    My name is Linda and I'm getting married July 5 at the Westin Aruba. I'm hearing mixed reviews of the Westin on various sites, but I just bit the bullet and went ahead with them. I'm sure you all with be helpful throughout this adventure!