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  1. I got married at the mayan in March 2009. I loved it. Feel free to email me with questions. The jetty wad gorgeous but hot for the guests. We also had some gaukers.
  2. ok ladies, mystery solved. aqua lights are lights that illuminate the water, so after the sun goes down, you don't lose the view of the beach. i have pictures, but i can't figure out how to attach them to this posting.
  3. your photos are gorgeous! and you look phenomenal. where was your wedding? i love the venue.
  4. Does anyone know what aqua lights are? I received a quote from a WC that included $4500 for "aqua lights" and I have no idea what they are...
  5. Ok, thanks for your reply. I'm torn about the Mayan...I love it, but if Nikki Beach ends up being loud, then my visit will definitely have been my caveat emptor... Yes, Regina is now the timeshare portion of the Westin. I think the Westin WC said that Regina no longer hosts weddings. I was disappointed with the Westin location for weddings.
  6. Hello Ladies, What is the deal with Nikki Beach? My fiance and i just got back from Mexico and we absolutely loved the Mayan. The only problem is that Nikki Beach is right next door. One Saturday night, we stopped by to see a wedding there and we were horrified....you could hear Nikki Beach's loud techno music clearly on the jetty and pretty clearly at the bar and at the beach. We were devastated! We did not actually see the ceremony, so I don't know if the music was turned down for that, but it was loud and and it was bumping during the photo/cocktail hour. I have a feeling that the music was not turned down, because at the same time that the Mayan couple was having their cocktail hour, another couple was in the middle of their ceremony at the Westin (where Nikki Beach is located) and the music was not turned down at all. For those of you who have gotten married there - is Nikki Beach music always soooo loud that you can clearly hear it at the Mayan? We were there during Cinco de Mayo Weekend, so I know that hotels were much busier than normal, but I'm concerned that Nikki Beach has their music up every weekend. Any info would be great. Btw, word of caution to anyone considering the Westin. Not only is Nikki Beach within 100 feet of the wedding area, but the WC is a total flake. The pergolas were suppose to be closed to the public at 7pm. When we came at 8:30, there were still lots of people laying out in the ones that had not been bought out, but there was a bikini-clad couple making out one to two pergolas over from the wedding pergolas. Sooo tacky! And the WC did not say a word. Even tackier.
  7. Hello! I'm heading to PV this weekend to check out locations for the ceremony, rehearsal dinner, etc. I'm hoping to find a great location for the rehearsal dinner, and would like either a beachy, tropical, fun feel, or something that is trendy and cool. Any suggestions?
  8. Hi There, My fiance and I recently got back from a trip, too, and we've got quite a few pics from: 1. Marriott 2. Wyndham 3. Limetree Beach 4. Iggies 5. Sunset Cruise I'm having trouble uploading the pics, but can email them to you if you're into
  9. does anyone know whether wedding planners who are not associated with hotels also have their own contracts with certain venues? so far, i've only been working with one planner and i'm completely satisfied with her service, but i'm wondering if i should also talk to other planners... are the independent planners limited to what they can recommend because of their own contracts or is it safe to assume that the independent coordinators are truly independent?
  10. one more thing - wyndham sugar bay has a wedding specific website that they are developing. brian gave it to me a few weeks ago. apparently, they haven't made it public yet, so it's not on the main website, but it already has some pictures posted. sugarbayweddings.com
  11. i talked to brian a few weeks ago and i'm pretty sure he said no outside vendors. but double check that.
  12. eab


    i'm just in the beginning stages of planning. we're still working on the location and the date. hope this forum helps!
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