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  1. We brought our videographer with us. Hans is from TOshots. He did an AMAZING job. First, he filmed LOVE WALK. We just walked around resort and beach, did not seem like anything special, but when we saw it with music , that he chose, it was ultra romantic . Really nice addition to wedding video! Hans filmed everything from us getting ready to walking away after the reception. He even included chapter with all the funny moments we loved it. Hans was really professional, we did not even notice he was there. He and our photographer worked together beautifully. We loved working with him. Video is priceless keepsake, every time we watch it, it’s like we there again! TOshots - Toronto Video Production
  2. Our photographer was Varia from Toronto. She was the only thing that went perfect at our wedding. She was on time, with great smile, being encouraging about the rain What I especially liked about Varia, aside from amazing pictures, is her patience and professionalism. We had our 7 month old daughter with us. Who has babies knows how hard it is to take portrait picture, make them look at the camera and smile. She was ultra patient with very irritable baby, we, as parents, really appreciated that!!! Varia made us feel like superstars posing for photoshoot she was very creative. Told us how to turn, where to put our hands, the result was phenomenal! We had tons of fun taking pictures but Trash the Dress session was even more entertaining she found a perfect place for the pictures, not far from the resort. As a photographer, Varia, proved to be very flexible and accommodating! When we were doing the session I saw horse riding tour going down the beach. I love horses! So I asked Varia if I could take picture s on the horse. My new husband went and got the horse for me! (perks of being newlywed you get what you want, at least for first little while! ) Varia immediately came up with poses and told me what to do! The pictures turned out breathtaking!!! Varia promised to make our pictures special and boy, did she deliver! Everybody who saw the pictures were blown away! Well, take a look yourself! Jamilya & Serge Jamilya & Serge
  3. Hey Ladies, Here is my review of my wedding at Majestic Colonial. I got married on November 24, 2009. Seems like only yesterday, even though few months already passed Resort We loved the resort! The grounds are beautiful and were made having weddings in mind. Everywhere you can take really good pictures. Everything is green and clean, freshly painted. The resort is very well up kept, the food is great, staff is really friendly and accommodating. Entertainment is funny and tasteful. A la carta restaurants are very good and flexible, willing to accommodate large groups The only the only thing I did not like about a la carte restaurants is they do not let children in I cannot blame them, nobody wants children running around when you are having romantic dinner, but, when you are in a group that can be hassle!!! In their defence, they did let us in with our baby (after significant tip ) Overall, we got tons of compliments from our friends, who traveled quite a bit around Caribbean, about the resort! Majestic Colonial was a perfect choice!!! Service When we arrived at the resort our room did not make us happy! We hated it! So we went to ask for another one, and they refused to change it. They told us that the resort was full. But we REALLY insisted, and they did find us a room half an hour later. Word of advice, if you want something be firm about it or nothing will be done!!! Wedding Mirasel ( I am not sure how to spell her name) was our wedding coordinator. I was surprised to find that out since I was talking to Sandra via email for months. At the beginning she seemed really on the ball. Took all our stuff and promised that everything will be fine. At the day of the wedding everything was going ok. The dress came on time, but the flowers were late, I had to send one of my friends to find Mirasel and flowers. When my friend came back she told me that the ceremony will be at the gazebo and that my reception will be moved to Wet Bar, since it was raining. Gazebo was nicely decorated and flowers were just like I wanted. The ceremony was lovely up to the point when we were suppose to sign the papers, that when I discovered that Mirasel forgot to bring my pen that I brought and our wedding toasting flutes. So we have it on the video when she is running to her office and back (it got cut out from the final version ) My hair and make up were done at the spa. They did terrific job, I brought all my own make up, the picture of how I want it to be done, all my own hair pins and Spanish speaking person, who explained everything. My bridesmaids and my mother in law also did their hair and make up, and were very happy about it! Reception We had private reception. The food was very good, the service was exceptional and cake was exactly like the picture I brought. We brought our own booze. Worked out great! We asked people to buy at Duty Free what they would like to drink and bring it with them to the resort, after we just paid them back. That was way cheaper than open bar!!! They decorated tables and arranged party favours just like we asked. We brought a lot of stuff with us, vases, silk flowers for centerpieces, little star fishes and sea shells. My parents ordered Fire Dancers for us. They made our day, really worth their money. They were exceptional, our guests loved them! We also brought bengal lights and my friends danced salsa and belly danced for us (I am lucky to have talented friends) My parents also ordered Fire Dancers for us. They were exceptional, really worth their money! Guests raved about them for weeks after the wedding, they really made our night!!! After reception we came back to our room and it was not decorated (you know how housekeeping puts out flowers and “Just Married†sign on the door) I was tiny upset about that. In the morning my mom mentioned that to Mirasel, and when we came back from the beach next day, the room was decorated well, better late than never!!! I hope my review will be helpful to other brides, I remember I read tons when I was planning my wedding. To future brides, Majestic is great place for a wedding, it all depends on you to make it unforgettable! If you have any questions please message me, I will be happy to help. p.s. My pictures are in photographer review post
  4. Hello, I am getting married on Nov. 24, 2008 at Dominican Republic at Majestic Colonial Resort. I was looking for somebody who is getting married there around same time to share the photographer. Her name is Varia and she is awesome! You could check out her work at TORONTO WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER | Destination wedding photographer Varia Lebiadzenka. Please let me know at jamilya.sultan@gmail.com