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    Key West Destination

    thanks, georgiagal! i've actually looked at that site. what price did they quote you for planning services and sites if you don't mind me asking.
  2. kraezykae

    Key West Destination

    wedding right on the beach for about 20 people. very simple package would work.
  3. kraezykae

    Key West Destination

    Hi ladies! Can anyone point me somewhere for beach wedding info? Thank you
  4. kraezykae

    New and Planning a Vegas Wedding!

    thanks, ladies! we just started looking online and haven't really figured out which chapel yet. i definitely want to go for a very classic/elegant look so any help will be greatly appreciated
  5. We are in the process of planning our Vegas wedding for October 2008
  6. kraezykae

    New and Planning a Vegas Wedding!

    Hi ladies. I've been engaged since the end of August and I have always wanted to have a very simple wedding. I never really enjoyed wedding planning and have been trying to convince my fiance to do Vegas. We are shooting for 10/2008 and have just started looking. He has finally realized that Vegas is a good idea and I'm very excited and can't wait to set a date He's never been to the West coast and we are planning on having a mini vacation while we're out there (possibly San Francisco). Our families and very close friends are the only ones we are going to invite and we might do a small reception when we are back.