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  1. Hey ladies, Merry Christmas Eve! Has anyone looked into the Acanto Hotel in Playa Del Carmen? It seems like a great option, but they haven't been very responsive. The pics on the website of weddings and events there look perfect for what we're looking for, but since I can't find any other brides-to-be mentioning it, I'm wary. I'm also not sure all the pics on the site are really of the hotel & property or somewhere else (odd...)
  2. Looking for some help from you Dreams brides! Can anyone post wedding/reception rate information for Dreams Los Cabos? We're having a fairly large DW (100-125ppl) and I'm trying to find the best bang for my buck in terms of the menu/open bar rates... Thanks!!!
  3. yikes! i wonder who else past cabo brides have used and been happy with...
  4. any idea where the Cabo Surf Hotel should be on these maps?
  5. hi! my fiance and I are planning a November 21/22 2008 wedding in Cabo. I'm SO glad I found this forum, it's been such a huge help already! I have a couple questions right off as I'm having a hard time making a final decision on a wedding coordination co. and venue: Has anyone worked with Weddings in Paradise? Has anyone been looked into/been married at the Hotel Finisterra? Thanks!!!
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