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    Happy early Birthday Reggie- my B-day twin!

    Heidi informed me of my birthday wish! Thank you and Happy birthday too you as well. May is definately the best month to have a birthday in, and the 24th is a good day!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by BarefootBride wow! I never knew Reggie was on here! I guess he figured out his wedding hair! This is funny i have emails saying this thread is back! I shoulda gone with short hair or bald, 25 mph winds = me looking like i was electrocuted
  3. Heidi picked the ring up for me from the Jewelry store today. Right now its sitting next to hers on her entertainment center.
  4. Man 2 votes so far for my Best Man....I feel bad for the guy!!! He does have a crazy Jack Russel Terrier, that I can see somehow would end up ingesting it.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by LC_Rachel I think it's a really bad idea to give it to your best man. What if he slips it on his right hand to improve his pimp slap? You don't want a ring tainted from all his hoes right? HAHA
  6. Thanks, yea before I had the guy send the order, I double checked the size, It should be ok, because it has some extra space and comes off comfortabley. So I hope the extra space is enough for summer swelling. BUT I usually muck things up so we will see..
  7. Well recently, while Christmas shopping, Heidi suggested we go check out groom wedding bands. I ended up getting a tungsten ring that has to be specially sized so I will not get it until about Christmas time. When I do get, Do I Keep it or, give it to my best man to hold onto? I am posting a poll.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Heidi eh, he's sexy no matter which hair style he's rocking!!! This funny because Heidi doesnt talk like this in real life...hahahah "rocking"
  9. All these votes for shaved heads, I feel bad for all the bald(ing) guys out there, paying big $$$ for tupees, rogaine, and transplants. But I think we decided that it will be the length in the Signature pic, but styled like one of the Male models in the new Express Mens ads. Thanks for the input everyone!
  10. I like the first one. I am actually still trying to figure this same thing out. My best man and I are going to go try shirts on and take pics to compare, to see what will look good on us all uniformly<----is that a word
  11. Heidi told me today that April is the windiest month of the year in Jamaica. Long is definately out. I also remembered that last year at the beach my hair was shaved, and I got Sunburn on my freakin head!
  12. Wow I didnt believe Heidi when she told me that there were so many responses. Thanks for the input! I really am surprised at the number votes for a shaved head, i really never would have guessed. But I was originally thinking long hair cuz I figured it would be more versatile with styling but I told Heidi that it will probablly not happen, b/c its much of a pain in the ass to worry about. But the votes solidify the feelings against long hair. Oh and the differences in length b/t Medium and short in these pics was atually like 3 inches when wet, my hair just curls like crazy.
  13. Thanks for the Input Thus far. I told Heidi originally that I was going to have longer hair, But now I am considering the shorter to medium length. Heidi then suggested I post a POLL!!! Shes so brilliant.
  14. Heidi wants me to figure out what length I will have my hair for the wedding. Long, medium, short or shaved...that's the question...
  15. Reggie

    Gettin the Groom a bit more interested

    Quote: Originally Posted by BrandiB01 I TOTALLY think that they should wear the pink speedos under their outfits for JUST ONE picture.... That would probably end up being the best shot of the group and very memorable!! : ) Im sure this will be done either way...hahah