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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by lambert13 Karen and I stayed 2 days at Copal last year and loved it. But, it definitely not for everyone. The lack of a/c, lack of any electricity, public nudity, and rustic nature of the place might put a lot of people off. From what I remember, Zahra was a little more family friendly though and even had electricity until 11 PM. If your guests and yourself are into the Copal kind of scene I think it could be a fantastic place to get married. If they do not have any sort of wedding planning capabilities you could always hire an outside coordinator in the area to help you guys along. If that is is something you need, I believe I have some info saved somewhere about a few wedding planners in the area. Yeah, we were sort of worried about the above mentioned concerns too. They actually have a great wedding coordinator (located in Argentina...but very helpful). Who has presented me with quite a few affordable options. Thanks for the tips!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Lizzy Dawn, my daughter is being married in Tulum on January 19, 2008. She is having the ceremony and reception at Ana Y Jose Beach Club which is partnered with the Ana Y Jose Casitas and Spa. We have also been looking for affordable options for our guests. We won't be staying at the resort. Please keep us posted on what else t you find. I have looked online at the places you have listed and I like them too. Lizzy We looked into Ana y Jose and it looks beautiful...just a bit too expensive for our modest budget. I've haven't heard much about the EcoTulum properties (Cobanas Copal, Azulik, or Zahra) as it's not one of the most popular places to host a wedding, but the reviews I did see were good. It's definitely an affordable option for your budget guests Thanks for the comment. Best, Dawn
  3. Hi! My name is Dawn and I'm certainly new to all of this wedding planning stuff. My fiance and I are really big into Mexico (that's where we met actually...in Oaxaca). I've been going down to the Yucatan for the last 8 years and absolutely LOVE Tulum. We're usually budget, very low-key travelers, so I have never stayed at any of the properties I've been researching for the wedding. We want to keep it affordable for our guests (we're hoping to have around 25 - 40 pax) and want something that's off-the-beaten path and original as well. We're not interested in doing the All-inclusive thing, so we've been looking into the properties at Cabanas Copal, Azulik, and Zahra (they're all quite different and owned by the same company). Long story, short...I'm looking for any advice or input from anyone who knows anything about these properties. Even better, any information on getting married at these properties. Any advice is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks so much! Best, Dawn
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    My name is Dawn and I'm n the beginning stages of planning a wedding in Tulum. It isn't until March 15th, 2008, so we're sort of taking our time. Nice to meet everyone!