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    Almost engaged

    Hey Guys, Well yesterday was the day he got down on one knee!!! So i'm officially engaged now!!. I can't believe that it's real. I keep looking at my finger thinking I'm going to wake up. He asked me on the beach and had a bottle of champagne all ready to go after which I didn't know about. It was very romantic. We are planning on getting married at the Majestic Colonial. Can't wait to start planning. Stacey
  2. 2BMrsH

    Almost engaged

    Hey guys, It still hasn't happened.!! The reason I know is because I was with him when he bought the ring about a week ago (it was online) and I went to the bank with him to transfer the money. I know the ring I'm getting, I kinda picked it out so that was cool that I was with him. I have no idea how he's going to ask me or when but I will totally let you guys know when he finally pops the question. eeee I'm so excited. hehe I'm such a girl. thank you for all the replies. It's great to have support of other destinations brides. Talk to you guys soon. Stacey ps I'll try to post pics if we take them when he pops the question.
  3. 2BMrsH

    Almost engaged

    Hey Guys, Just a little hello, I'm getting engaged soon, in the next 2 weeks, so I can officially join the rest of you soon. Stacey p.s we are planning on getting married in the Dominican