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    Hello, Ready to start planning!!

    Wow thanks for all the tips. I haven't been on in days and I am learning how to navigate this site and how it works. I will try to put my engagement story on in the next few days. Thanks for all the recommendations. I would def consider having it at a private estate. That is really what I wanted originally, but had such a hard time finding something near home that was suitable. Happy Easter/Passover Talk soon
  2. menc

    Hello, Ready to start planning!!

    Thanks, I would like it to be at a resort on the beach w/ a spa, pool, etc.. The works. I am having a tough time finding one in Florida, in the Miami area.
  3. Hi I am new to this site. We just decided to have a destinatioon wedding. I would love for it to be in Florida in May/June of 2008. I am looking for any help or advice on how to start planning. Look forward to sharing. Menc