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  1. Unfortunately I don't know alot of the details, my bride to be Kimberly started all of the planning with the coordinator at PB Sunset Beach. I've been noticing she's getting a little frustrated with their lack of help so I figured I'd do a little investigating and came upon this site with plenty of info. Does anyone know if PB actualy allows you to use an outside WC. We thought the contract said we couldn't use an outside WC. I want to hire one now.
  2. Thank you everyone for all of your help, the posts were great to read and gave me alot to think about. I knew Laura was a knucklehead, she has been so not helpfull to this point. Anyone else out there with stories I'm all ears.
  3. thanks, hopeful someone will have some knowledge about the resort. hope i'm doing this right, i haven't had much practice yet.
  4. Hi everyone, I actually stumbled upon this site while looking for some reviews of the resort we are having our wedding at. My fiance and I own a time share at PB sunset beach so we decided to have it there because we thought the resort was beautiful. Ever since we started dealing with the resorts WC we have been having our doubts as to how many weddings they actually host. I was hoping someone out there could give us some good news and tell us that they know what they are doing and we don't need to worry about anything. Any stories would be helpful...good or bad, someone who actually got married there would be great. We chose to have our wedding on a Thursday, June 14th 2007 and we are having the ceremony on the beach at 6:00 with the reception to follow on the La Nao Terrace. Any help is definitely appreciated so as to avert a potential meltdown by the both of us. Thanks. Mike
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