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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by mkdela Hi everyone - I am new and looking for ideas! I am going on a scouting trip next week to Cancun. We are looking at the Marriotts and a couple of other places for the ceremony and reception. I don't have any ideas yet on a welcome/rehearsal dinner. We will likely have about 100-120 guests. Is anyone planning a welcome dinner in the Cancun area for a big group? I'd love to get your thoughts. Thanks!! -Kathleen Are you going to check out the JW Marriott? please let me know what you think of it! I'm also looking for ideas for a welcome dinner, please pass on any good info
  2. i'm debating between july 7th and early Nov.. I was in Cancun in May 2yrs ago, and the weather was lovely. I want July, but so many places are booked, my 2nd choice is Nov, I think Nov will be really pretty, I'm not worried about the hurricanes at all.
  3. Does anyone have any feedback about this hotel? I haven't seen anything on this site about it, but I have been in contact with the wc there and she has been very quick with responses, answering questions, sending pics, etc...
  4. anyone know anyone? playa del carmen area is my first choice.
  5. from ny and salsa bride- i'm in the same boat as you! i'm having around 60ppl but im having trouble finding a location becase of so many adults only sites and my ideal date (this year july 7th). please post if you find a good coordinatior. i'm going to call ajuaweddings that playa bride recomended.
  6. miamialli

    Hi! Engaged Valentine's Day! Wed. Date TBD 07!

    Thanks everybody!
  7. miamialli

    Hi! Engaged Valentine's Day! Wed. Date TBD 07!

    heehee:) post my ring?? you guys are too cute! i have to take a pic of it!
  8. miamialli

    Hi! Engaged Valentine's Day! Wed. Date TBD 07!

    Thank you everyone! Anacgarcia- I see that you are getting married in Cancun on 070707- I REALLY need to pick your brain- we want that date (and Cancun/Playa as well) but are worried we don't have enough time.... what do you think?
  9. miamialli

    Hi! Engaged Valentine's Day! Wed. Date TBD 07!

    Forgot to mention....I'm originally from CA but living now in South Beach, FL (my darling is from Miami), we have Miami, CA, Vegas and Mexico (Playa del Carmen or nearby) on our radar screen. Probably, if we go away, we'll have 50 ppl. if we stay in Miami maybe 75
  10. I'm still all giddy!! He wants to get married right away- (After he waited 5 1/2 years to ask! Anyways- I don't have a date, or location yet, but want to get it down in the next couple of days---it also looks like I found the right webpage- glad to find you all!