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  1. Does anyone have package information on this hotel? The wedding coordinator sent me group rate information but nothing on weddings Thanks!!!
  2. This is some information I received from the Presidente Intercontinental Cozumel paquete_de_Romance.pdf
  3. Package information from the Ritz 2007_WEDDING_PACKAGES.pdf
  4. Here is some information that I received from the wedding coordinator for both the Marriott CasaMagna and the JW Marriott in Cancun. Hope this helps anyone.
  5. Hi All, I found this site while trying to find more information about the resort. If you scroll down to the center of the page, it has links for more pictures and it also has virtual tours. It looks really nice. Also - when you open up the virtual tours link, there is another link inside that window to even more pics. You have to allow pop-ups though. Occidental Grand Xcaret - Riviera Maya Mexico
  6. Does anyone have any information on the Hilton in Cancun? I have been trying to get the wedding package information from them for over 2 weeks with no response. Thanks!
  7. coope08

    Online booking vs. Travel Agent

    Tammy Can I talk with you about your services in 2008? We are planning a small wedding (around 35) in the RM/Cancun area in Oct/Nov. I really wanted Nov 1st but have been told by several hotels that that is a mexican holiday and we would not be able to get a judge. Thanks in advance ~Courtney
  8. Anny, Do you have more information on the Fiesta Americana? I am interested in looking into their package prices but can not find any information on their website. Thanks! Courtney
  9. coope08

    Hello Everybody!

    Thanks for the points!!! I don't have a per person number in mind. Just the overall number of $20K or less. Are there any hotels/resorts in the MR/Cancun area that allow bondfires? We want to do a welcome party with a bondfire... Thanks Again ~ Courtney
  10. coope08

    Hello Everybody!

    Thanks again. You all have been really helpful! OK - so we are going to start to look at Cancun/MR as well now. I was searching airfares and getting to Los Cabos from both Raleigh and Detroit (where most of our family will be coming from) is a little tough. Not to mention my mom is now threatening not to come if she can't fly direct Does anyone have any suggestions for the MR/Cancun area? We won't have any kids so we are open to both kid friendly and Adult only resorts. Also, we are open to both AI and EP resorts since we have not narrowed anything down yet. Lastly, how do you earn points? I keep trying to open attachments and I get a note telling my I don't have enough points
  11. coope08

    Hello Everybody!

    Thanks Everyone!!! I am going to go through the budget threads here in just a second. I definitely want to keep it under $20K but even more would be great!!! No - no kids. I have a cousin that has two little ones but that would be it (if they came). What is the best route (AI or non-AI) if we wanted to host a Welcome dinner and potentially a Sunday brunch. Oh - and our dates did not come through up there. We are looking at Oct/Nov of 2008. We are really mostly interested in the food. I could really careless about flowers, etc. I just want to make sure the site is amazing and the food is great!!! Thanks Again ~ Courtney
  12. coope08

    Hello Everybody!

    New to the forum!!! Love it so far!!! We are just starting the planning process and have narrowed down a time frame (Oct or Nov of 200. We want to keep the wedding small so a destination wedding seemed perfect. We are thinking Los Cabos. Can anyone disclose what their budgets were for this area? We are counting on around 35 people... Thanks!!!