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  1. I'll be posting a wedding review soon, but wedding was perfect in every way!
  2. Has anyone found a good site to order personalized stationery? Just need something simple, but elegant for our thank-you cards.
  3. But I love it! I got it through David's Bridal. Part of my motivation was how quickly I could get the dress. I needed a dress in three weeks and they were able to do it. Here's the picture from the website:
  4. I got a champagne-colored dress because it looks best on my skin tone (I have olive skin). Go with what you want and go with what looks best! When you get your photos back no one will know if it was a spring wedding or a fall wedding. It's going to be sunny any way you look at it. I happen to think the champagne color looks best in the sun, but that's just me. I also liked it because it matched my preferences for a bridesmaid dress (caramel) and flowers (yellow and orange). You really can't go wrong. Women always look beautiful in wedding gowns.
  5. Had I planned my wedding with more time, I would have booked at Casa Natalia. It's beautiful. http://www.casanatalia.com/about.cfm This photographer had some great pictures that showcase weddings at Pueblo Bonito, Dreams, Riu, Pedregal, Da Giorgio's (now Mona Lisa), Pitayas, Cabo del Sol, etc. I found it extremely helpful in seeing how different brides were set up. Also gives you some great ideas for your wedding day and which pictures you can't leave home without. http://www.bajaimagebank.com/Portfolio_Jose_Lima.htm
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by JANET1111 Hey Anna, I will be checking out of the hotel on Sunday morning to go to our honeymoon hotel, but my friends and family are staying there for the week and I can leave everything with them. You are welcome to use whatever you'd like, I just might not have a lot because I am trying to do minimal decor! But I will have these brown rattan placemat thingies with 1 big candle, a few votives, and a big pile of limes and lily buds as my centerpieces. I'm sure you can make something artsy out of them? I'll try to make a mockup and post photos so you know what I am talking about. Janet - you're awesome. Thank you so much!!!
  7. If you want REALLY affordable, three of our friends are staying at Cabo Inn Hotel. They got it for $55/night including taxes. You have to book directly through the hotel (just e-mail them). It doesn't show up as available on Hotels.com even though the hotel has availability. http://www.caboinnhotel.com/ Here's their claim to fame: Selected by Frommer's Travel Guide as the #1 economy hotel in all of Los Cabos. 22 rooms centrally located 2 blocks from the marina. Shockingly, they get rave reviews on TripAdvisor, too. But for $55/night, I wouldn't be expecting very much. Here are a few others that the travel agent recommended: Los Patios for $102/night for two queens (price includes service charge and taxes). Small hotel, not on beach, farther from town. She called it "cute" and "clean". About 5 minute drive to our villa. We might actually stay here. http://www.hotels-cabo-san-lucas.com...FR4IUAodQgYKJA The Bungalows: small bed and breakfast, $115-$135/night (includes gourmet breakfast). Call 1-888-424-CABO to book directly. In downtown cabo. http://www.cabobungalows.com/ Casa Bella: 1 bedroom condos, $145-200/night. To book directly, 619-342-0093. I think this is part of a larger resort. http://www.cabo-condo.com/
  8. Maria Elena -- Can't wait to hear your review of the mariachi band! When you get back, would you mind sharing which songs you enjoyed the most? I called your mariachi and I might be using them, too (I speak Spanish so that helped). Thanks for posting the contact information. Have a blessed wedding! By the way, you got a great deal at $400 hour. I got them for $450/hour. Jose Luis just hired a new lead singer from Guadalajara; that region is reputed to have the best mariachi in all of Mexico. Plus it's high season. I'm just happy to have them. :-) "....por el motivo de que traemos una cantante que acaba de llegar de Guadalajara, canta muy bonito y es por eso que en esta temporada alta, subio el precio..."
  9. Of course! I would love to get any of your "freebies"! Especially the candle centerpieces. Thank you! I'll let Armando know to please not throw anything out.
  10. Thank you so much for posting the contact information! I actually just spoke to Ena today. I'm having to secure transportation for 25 people from the the Cabo area to San Jose. This forum is wonderful!!!
  11. In the spirit of sharing.... my brother and sister both did a bride and groom slide show at their wedding receptions. Of course, we're planning one, too. It's set to music, and it runs about 8 minutes long. Part I shows pictures of the bride growing up -- from newborn to toddler to awkward teenage years and so on; Part II shows the groom growing up; and Part III shows special moments as a couple. We will also try to mix in pictures of all of our guests and family. For example, my to-be-mother-in-law found a great picture of my fiance and his best man when they were about 11, and I have some great pictures of my parents when they were young. We're doing ours in PowerPoint so nothing fancy or overly technical. All you need is a laptop and a projector. Most photographers and hotels have projectors you can rent out. Anyhow, it's always been my favorite part of the reception.
  12. We're doing a symbolic ceremony only. We'll get married by the legally in the States when we get back, that way we won't take away from the special moment when we're pronounced man and wife for the first time. In the end, the legal ceremony is just a piece of paper and our true wedding date will be that which is witnessed by our friends and family. On the more practical side, I need to get on my fiance's insurance soon and I'm leary of waiting for paperwork!
  13. What did you think of the food? I just found out the Cabo Surf hotel is open on my wedding date and I am considering switching to this location. My fiance is up for anything as long as I can guarantee good food!
  14. Thanks for all the suggestions! I have to say, it's thanks to this forum I've been able to source everything so quickly. My fiance and I arrive on Wednesday 11/9 so maybe I'll see some of you there. Maybe I'll learn how to post a picture between now and then. Right now I just have to make a choice between Cabo Surf hotel and having a private affair at our villa (catered by Lazy Gourmet). Money aside, I'm happy to hear everyone's thoughts. (Yes, last-minute planning all the way...)
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