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  1. hello....i have been reading various threads about photographers and thought i would share a website i have found for those brides who prefer a photojournalist (more natural and documentary) style for their wedding: Wedding Photojournalist Association www.wpja.com it's a great resource as it lists photographers who are living in certain areas, as well as those who are willing to travel for destination weddings. i am considering using bradley fraser since he is a member, and his rates seem reasonable at $300 / hr with a minimum of 2 hours. has any other bride used him and if so, do you have any samples of his photojournalistic style to share? i am also considering gilda baldillo as she seems to have the same style yet she is not a member but more expensive! would love to know if there are any gilda brides out there with samples too...
  2. Hello, I picked Casa Del Mar because my fiance and I did not want to stay at an AI and we were more interested in a boutique hotel (www.mexicoboutiquehotels.com was a great reference). Casa Del Mar only has 56 rooms. We wanted to stay in the corridor, in between both cities. We also liked it because of the hacienda architecture style. And the beach club where the reception will take place is separated from the main hotel, which seems more private. I have been dealing with their on-site wedding coordinator Claudia Morales, who has been very helpful so far. I would love to hear from other brides with similar criteria, and those who have also chosen Casa Del Mar.
  3. my FI and i also like unique styles. we have gone to a custom jewelry designer to design my engagement ring (i like vintage style). we are very fortunate that his mother has passed down her wedding band to me, which is also luckily a unique, antique style. so we have decided to go back to the same custom designer to design a matching wedding band for him that is inspired by his mother's wedding band, but of course with a masculine touch. i have a question: in some etiquette guides, it is advised that the bride pay for the wedding band? is this the case, have any of you brides paid for the groom's ring? thanks for all the great tips, i don't know how i could be planning my wedding without this forum = )
  4. wow thanks for the great advice. after thinking some more and reading your awesome recommendations, (especially after finding the website victimsofexpedia.com) i have decided to go with a travel agency. much more reliable hopefully. will definitely check out the condos too. planning is going well, although time seems to be slipping quicker than ever before....
  5. hello, my name is jessica and my fiance and i are planning to get married on february 2, 2007 at casa del mar in los cabos. so happy to see that natasha recently got married there! it's a little unnerving booking everything online. i have spoken to claudia and she does seem very helpful and responsive. feb is considered high season so the blocked room rates are higher, i hear comments about condos and villas, but has anyone organized group travel packages from sources like expedia or orbitz that include airfare and hotel for their wedding party and guests? nice to meet you fellow destination wedding brides, looking forward to exchanging thoughts... jes
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