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How Do We Decide? - Hyatt Ziva Cancun Or Dream Tulum



Hello BDW Brides!!


I am a newbie to this site and I am already grateful for finding it.


My fiance and I got engaged on Labor Day weekend 2016, and since then it has been a roller coaster of emotions trying to decide a location.

I am currently a full-time nursing student, and trying to accomplish both was driving me insane. So early on I found a wonderful TA and focused on school while she took the information we shared with her and did some research.


Thank heavens she did, because the amount of time I spent staring at screens reading reviews, looking at photos, and messaging people that had vacationed in Mexico and the Caribbean was overwhelming. Finally, with our TA's amazing help, we narrowed it down to three and then pretty quickly to two.


Now I am torn. With every good review, there is a negative one. Any time I think I find a flaw in one resort, the same flaw pops up in the other. Hyatt Ziva Cancun and Dreams Tulum are both gorgeous, yet quite different. Instead of asking myself which I love more I constantly wonder which one my guests will love more. Which one will have them walking away in awe of what they experienced. Now that I have the costs I still don't know what to do. So here i am, ready to read through as many forums as possible on these locations in hopes there is another bride out there that wants nearly the same things I do that is basically reading my mind and has made the decision first.

Crazy??..yeah, I think so too.


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I hear you about the stress. I was hospitalized for MS and paying for my partner's post graduate studies and many medical exams and we decided to post pone the wedding for a year until he was licensed my health was stable. So here we are or translation I am :) in full planning mode.  I try to get his input but he says you pick I am fine with whatever you want.


I was in the same boat as you in June 2016, I narrowed the country but no clue on the resort.  As I had a toxic job at the time (love my new job) I needed a break so I took time by myself flew down and saw 12 resorts in 9 days, 4 hours each resort, met the wedding coodinators, saw the rooms-each category, saw the beach where there ceremony would be, the restaurants where dinner could be, the gym, spa, pools,  took pictures asked questions, a lot of questions. Wrote a report after each 4 hour session. It was a lot of work but I did narrow by choice and I knew which resort I wanted before I left the country.


One thing I learned too, we travel all over the world and are cultured, our family and friends are not.  My own family has never been on a plane including my 35 year old brother so a destination wedding is foreign to them. They are also picky eater and somewhat narrow minded. Some guest have kids, some don't do you want kids at the wedding, do you want to exclude friends/family with kids, if no, chose a family friendly resort.  In my case I am not a picky eater, neither is my future husband.  Our family and friends on the other hand.....are picky and I do not want negativity at my wedding. I have learned you cannot please everyone and this is your day, your special day so you chose what place you want best that suits you and your partner.  It not about the guests at the end of the day as you may be surprised who actually shows up at your wedding.  Example two close friends who I thought for sure would be there and for sure would be in my party decided not to go even though we have been planning it together for 2 years. My spinning instructor at the gym and my colleague I go for coffee with said they would not miss it. So the ones you thought for sure would go may not so pick a resort what fits you best.We dont have kids but we picked family friendly so those with kids can come. I even went with the cheapest airline and guest are still complaining at the cost of $1295 for a week all inclusive 5 star resort so dont worry about price or what the guests may think.  Hope my two cents helps.

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Our agents have stayed at both and can break down the pros and cons of each resort. Another option is to pick a resort for your wedding and then your dream resort for your honeymoon.

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I'm a newbie as well. 


I went through this same process going back and forth with myself about where to go and what resort to stay. Also was wondering how the guess would feel as well. We finally have decided on Dreams Riviera Cancun, we have both never been to Mexico it seemed reasonable for all. I realized that we had to go with what we wanted not what people would think or how comfortable they would be but how we would feel. All that want to be there for our special day will attend regardless. 

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