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Atletico Victory No. 2 Seed In The Champion League



Swallow kept wondering when the teachers and students Simeone beat defending champions Barca turned the former king into the league champion will be no further unexpected may come as wrong when Atletico won 1-0 at understanding the risk Bayren make turbulence in Europe this season playground sky


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It's incomprehensible to pep used an unusual tactic when Simeone Army welcomed Mr Thomas Muller on the bench this a fatal mistake when surveyed over 1,000 fans lobster Gray told why Pep the results do not have the Lobster Muller lost rùi Grey. Whatever mistakes repair opportunities for Pep still like the excitement of Simeone and Atletico are both high and took advantage of the truss on the truss pep want to flip to beat Simeone confirmed not to be easy. A miss by a mile Pep pep My dumbest smart thousand years, how can the full joy as historical owls eat here when season 3 this season after he had to go to Manchester City rùi.

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During the battle with people happy then sad Simeone strengthen people are happy are happy sublimation taught a lesson Barca attack this deadly Pep further teaches a big lesson in his career. ratio of small to big pressure. Simeone's work hours in the return leg is extremely simple air defense la nobody finished that it was the best main Simeone very best best of the current coach. Let's wait and see in the return leg in Germany who kèo kqbd anh , c1 , tay ban nha online update 24/7


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