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Cr7 Real Took Pity Dividing Point For Man City



Not too well surprise when the first semi-final match between Real and champions league match Manchester City have too cautious.

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Interior dimensions are sometimes real guest with Bezenma absence, the attacking spearhead very special Cristiano Ronaldo, the Real only each Bale nor made rice into rice in front of the Green Man's horse room. Zinedine Zidane young coach changed tactics increased safety for the spanish royal club to attempt not to lose the strength to wait reliably eat superstar lineup CR7 back to the Santiago Bernabéu on Sanctuary welcomed the Green Man in leg painting. So it is not difficult to understand why performance last night's lull Real back to the world.

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Green Man also the desire to have this debut victory on home soil Etihad shrine before the game should not be strange Chile coach gave the pillars rest and when Real came, Pellegrini has today launched its most powerful team have on hand as the day ungainly, with every room to make sure the horse's Real, the excellence of Keylor Navas then refused winning green Man deeply regret.

After this match, the Green Man is big disadvantage when a guest turns on earth Spain and Real also have the return of the pillars of the Green Man goes to the dealer contract worth being extremely low prices, as though the soccer star confirmed the unexpected always existed in 90+ minutes of play. Real as in the analysis section, there are great advantages as this season also saw how many match Real are expected to lose at home, then it is also the basis for Man City did not give up. Next game between Atletico and Bayren took place at dawn on 28/4 guess being warmly welcomed the strong confrontation between the attack line reliability. Who will be the winner.

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