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Brand New...where To Start?



First a little about me...


My Fiance and I have been together for 3 1/2 years and we just got engaged during a wonderful weekend trip on January 4th! I couldn't be more excited and have dreams of being engaged for quite some time. Planning my "future" wedding on pinterest was a hobby of mine for some time now.


BUT now that I am engaged, and the planning is beginning, I realize it is now all that it is cracked out to be. I LOVE my fiance and am THRILLED to marry him but the planning is so stressful. We are getting married May of 2015 which is plenty of time to plan a wedding but my Fiance is leaving in July for a 6 month deployement (we are both in the military) and will be home just a few months before we get married. It is important to me that we have the big details planned before he leaves.


I never was one to dream about a big fancy wedding so when it was time to plan I was completely confused. Two of my best friends are also getting married in 2015 and have everything completely figured out. Because they are getting married a few months after me I immediatly knew I wanted to do something DIFFERENT. That is when the thought of a destination wedding came about. My fiance and I are getting married (offically) before he leaves for his deployment but I would love to have a beautiful religious ceremony on the beach with our family.


So the first decision I made is where (and I still haven't decided). I just know I want the travel to be as simple as possible (I am from the east) and has inexpensive as possible (for our guests). I was thinking Punta Cana, Mexico, or Jamaica. Because we and most of our guest are in the military we are required to get permission to go to certain parts of Mexico but I hear the resorts are usually good to go.


I have about 15 adults, and 1 toddler attending. I was hoping to keep the bill for our guest around $1,000 for everything if thats even possible. I am willing to spend more for my fiance and I. I have been researching like crazy and read that Mexico seems to be most afordable. (My travel agent suggested it). I also read that couples tend to stay on seperate resorts from their guest.


My main priorites:

1. To plan it for May, 2o15.

2. Keep it as close to $1,000 per guest as possible.

3. Semi easy travel from PA.

4. Children are allowed.


If anyone has any suggestions PLEASE feel free to comment. I could use all the help I can get.


Recommended Comments

Congrats & Welcome!


I agree that Mexico is your best bet from a bang for buck and ease of getting to standpoint. I am also on the east coast and needed to find a kid-friendly hotel/resort. After doing research, I included Karisma Resort's Azul properties since they allow kids & have good food for an all-inclusive which is important to us. I have stayed at a couple of the Palace resorts. A good number of them allow kids, sothose could be a great option for you.


Hope this is helpful.

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