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2016 Brides At The Barcelo Maya Colonial



Hey everyone!


We finally decided on our resort after doing a site visit at the Barcelo Maya Colonial. All the negative reviews about this resort went right out the window! This resort is absolutely breathtaking and the food is delicious. I had an opportunity to talk to about 5 different couples who had their wedding while we were there. The only advice we seemed to get was to BE PATIENT with the wedding planners. After witnessing how many weddings they take care of a day, I can see how busy they really are.

It was quite windy while we were there and I can see how a beach reception would be very frustrating with everything flying around. That is something i wouldn't recommend. We took a look at the Grills and i fell in love with the Captain Morgan grill because of the outside terrace. We walked by just as they were setting up for a wedding and everything looked amazing!

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Im getting married at this resort on June 2016. Im super excited, but yes you have to be very patient with them, they take about 1 week to reply to your emails. 


I will be having my catholic ceremony at their chapel and my reception at one of the grills. Does anyone have any recommendations as which Grill is better for a reception of about 80 loud and happy guests? If you can share any pictures of the wedding reception at any of  the grills will be awesome :)



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