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  1. @@KirstenChrisDW2016 I would def say the resort quality of the pictures isn't very nice. I went to their office when we stayed at the Barcelo last June and I was quite disappointed. The prices are super high for the quality. Everywhere I looked a really good photographer was costing at least 4 grand in US! Not to mention for barely any time at all. Then to pay the resort fee of $500. Crazy! My best advice would be if you have a friend who does photography bring them. I'm bringing 2 photographers down for the week and am only paying for their trips. In Canadian dollars. So that's already
  2. @@SammyMac @@TaraW Thank you for your input ladies! (The lights info was great!)I guess we will see what happens in the new few weeks. I found this article that was pretty interesting. http://www.travelweekly.com/Mexico-Travel/Mexico-draws-map-indicating-location-of-Zika-cases
  3. @@SammyMac Oh ok. Yeah I don't know what to do. We are going there May 27, wedding date is June 1. Both of my brother in laws are trying to start a family soon and they're really worried and my fiancé is also saying what if we end up having problems down the road as well. I feel like people will be really disappointed and upset if we go through with it. Even my parents are saying it's selfish to not care about other people's concerns. The most frustrating aspect is that no one really knows what the side effects of the virus are down the road. I think this makes it harder. I did some resea
  4. @@TaraW Thanks! That's great to know! So I'm having a issue lately and it's with the Zika Virus. All my guests are freaking out, including my parents. I don't know how it will be a few months down the road but currently everyone wants to cancel. What is your ladies opinion on this and how are you dealing with it? Help!! ????
  5. Hey ladies! Quick question, is anyone here doing lighting on palm trees or stringing lights? I'm just trying to figure out if I should bring my own.
  6. @@KirstenChrisDW2016 Hey! Yes, I did make a website and to be honest found it a waste of time. Only 4 people have looked at it and lots told me they didn't even see it on the invite! But maybe a Facebook page would work better? The only issue is the older guests who might not have Facebook. They might feel out of the loop.
  7. Is anyone here having a Catholic ceremony? I'm having so many mixed reviews about whether or not we have to be legally married before we do the Catholic ceremony there.
  8. Hey everyone! It's great to finally find a forum for 2016 brides! Congratulations to all of you and hope your planning is going well. I look forward to chatting and exchanging thoughts!
  9. Hey everyone! We finally decided on our resort after doing a site visit at the Barcelo Maya Colonial. All the negative reviews about this resort went right out the window! This resort is absolutely breathtaking and the food is delicious. I had an opportunity to talk to about 5 different couples who had their wedding while we were there. The only advice we seemed to get was to BE PATIENT with the wedding planners. After witnessing how many weddings they take care of a day, I can see how busy they really are. It was quite windy while we were there and I can see how a beach reception would
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