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Now Larimar Punta Cana Resort-2016



I need tips or advice anyone has that had a wedding at Now Larimar resort! Was it everything you thought it would be? Were they accomidating? How did your guests like the resort? Did you do welcome bags? Did the resort give you any discount group rates on hotel rooms?


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Have you been to this resort? I was there in 2012 and it was not that great. The rooms are way smaller than what they seem online. The balcony is not really private so if you have the Jacuzzi on your balcony just know all eyes are on you. It was just built so maybe they have ironed out the kinks. Good luck. 

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I was married at Now Larimar April 2013 and honestly I couldn't have hoped for it to have gone any better. The resort isn't too small and isn't too big and all my guests were very pleased. We had 20 people stay with us for the full week. 

We all booked preferred rooms and I enjoyed the perks of being able to go to the castaways for meals. The private pool, wasn't as fun as the main pool  but it was nice to go there for some down time. The beach is amazing and I love the fact that you don't have to wear wrist bands like you have to at other resorts in Punta Cana. 

The wedding cordinator was wonderful! 2 days before the wedding we had a meeting and went over all of our choices and discussed how the day would go. There was a chance of rain and she would give me updates every half hour on the weather and let me decide if I still wanted to do it outside. We chose to get married at the fountain.  Cocktail hour on the beach and dinner on the terrace where the buffet is. We brought our own center pieces and welcome bags. 


 The welcome bags consisted of Pepto, Advil, hand sanitizer, shampoos and stuff like that. We made a book with quizzes about us and who ever handed in the book first and got everything correct got a $50.00 Keg card (this was for the group to do on the plane.) The airport was a little hectic but we figured it out and they put us on a bus and brought us to the resort. We didn't have to wait to long before we were in our rooms. 



Now my MOH is getting married there May 2016:) 


Good luck! 

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Hi ladies!

Ok I'm having a little panic attach here! We are going in March 2016 and I JUST realized how extremely far away and inconvenient the "deluxe garden view" rooms are from the actual resort/beach .. I'm actually mad right now. We used a travel agent and I had been to the resort when it was Eden h and loved it, but we stayed in the Bravaro Building & Punta Cana Buildings!!

My question is, when I asked my agent how I can get us in the other buildings (still waiting on the $ to upgrade) she says "I can't guarantee anything it's up to the resort when you get there" which makes me so mad and wonder why the heck I used her in the first place!!!! I'm wondering if i contact the resort if there is anything they will do for me??? I'm so upset about this and we have 35 people going so I feel like someone should be helping us out here considering we are already paying $1900 a person to go here!! If I would have known this I probably wouldn't have chosen this resort .. I'm so bummed :(

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