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Royalton Punta Cana Resort & Casino Review

TA Patty


We arrived on Sunday and stayed three nights at Royalton Punta Cana in a lovely Luxury Ocean View room. The room was very nice with one king bed, pull out sofa, table and chairs in the room and chairs and small table on the balcony. The bathrooms are not overly large but definitely adequate with a single sink and separate toilet & walk in shower area. We were very impressed with the service. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. Since we always have to work when we travel the unlimited wifi and free calling to the USA was a huge benefit. We did find that the wifi worked best outside on the balcony or in the open areas of the resort.

The food was great, we had dinner in the steakhouse, Asian and Italian restaurants and they were all great. We typically had breakfast in the buffet and it was good, nice presentation and good variety. We didn't get a chance to dine at Opa or the Tapas restaurant. You only need a reservation for the Asian restaurant but they have 5 Teppanyaki tables that sat 12 - 13 at each and a sushi bar that you can access anytime without reservations. One of my favorite areas was the coffee house where you can get a variety of coffees, pastries, sandwiches and ice cream. There is an inside and outside patio area and it was very relaxing to have my coffee, relax and work from this area. At night there is a Martini bar adjacent to the coffee house and many times they had live music going in this area at night. They had staff continually cleaning off tables as people came and went. Grazie the Italian restaurant is open for lunch buffet and they also are open 11PM - 6AM with a snack buffet. We have a copy of all of the bars & restaurants and their hours that we will send once we get home and can scan it to send.

The pool and beach areas were very nice. They had different activities going on each day, one day they had a mechanical bull, a blow up obstacle course in the pool, zumba int eh afternoon and everyone seemed to be having a great time. The beach was nice, had some seaweed but that happens on all the beaches and they did a good job of raking it up in the morning. Personally I am not a big beach person so we spent time at the pool when we could squeeze and hour or so of free time.

The overall grounds were very nice. It's not a large resort, activities, restaurants and pools are mainly located off the main courtyard area. You could get anywhere easily and quickly and meeting ups with people will be easy. The main lobby and bar is a great meet up area and since it's on the upper level and open air you get a nice breeze through there. We checked out the theater, disco, sports lounge & casino. The sports lounge has an area that becomes the disco at night and since were there on Super Bowl Sunday they had a big Super Bowl party going on in the sports lounge and the main theater with a huge big screen. There was a burger stand and area with sandwiches and desserts in the foyer outside of the theater and inside they had a popcorn machine, cotton candy machine and a full bar going. They have this type of set up for any major sports event.

We peeked in the theater during one of the shows and it was crowded and looked like everyone was enjoying the show. The casino is fairly large (for a resort casino) but wasn't very busy when we looked in. It's open until 2AM so possible it gets busier later after the shows.

The main lobby is on the second level and open air. It's large and has a large bar with several sofas and chairs throughout. It's a great area to gather with a group. The lower section below the main lobby is where the spa, gym, shops and pick up/drop off for the resort tram and excursion buses are located.

We toured Memories and information is below.

The tram between Memories and Royalton runs 24/7 about every 10 minutes or so. You could also walk but I wouldn't suggest that in the heat.

Guests who stay at Memories only have access to the beach, pools and the beach bar/snack shack.

However, guests at memories can buy an access pass to Royalton which also includes access to the restaurants & bars for $15 per person/per day. Guests who purchase this day pass receive a second resort bracelet.

Memories and Royalton share one "Kds Club" & "Teen Club" and they are both located at Memories. All staff members are trained in child safety and CPR. The Kids Club was very nice with indoor activity areas and an outdoor playground area. They have a schedule of activities but they do not "force" any child to participate.

Age requirements for the Kid Club are 4 - 12 yrs. Children under 4 yrs can participate in the Kids Club if you hire a one to one nanny for them. One to one nanny service is available for $15 per hour/per child and must be arranged 24 hours in advance.

The waterpark is awesome but all children under 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult. The Kids Club does not take children swimming at the beach, pools or waterpark for safety reasons.



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