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Step By Step, Azul Fives Hotel 2015

Hello Brides! I created this blog so that I could share my love story with you, and also to help every single one of you that's getting married in the same hotel or at the beach or anything similar to mine.


I'll start introducing myself. My name is Andrea and I'm 25 years old, I'll be getting married on May 1st 2015 in the Riviera Maya at Azul Fives Hotel. My fiancé's name is Jerry, also 25 years old, and we've been together for 7 and a half years now. We are from Monterrey, Mexico.


We first met at a friend's party, he was a little bit wasted I'll admit, but anyways we spend all night talking and talking. The next time I saw him was at another friend's party where he asked me for my MSN messenger ID. Since then, we spend every single day talking and becoming really good friends. 9 months later I became his girlfriend. We are such best friends, we've always been 100% authentic, so we really love each other with every single flaw and every single virtue. We love spending time together and thank god, we love each other's friends also, so that makes everything easier. At the time I was finishing High School and he was starting College. We went to my prom together, I went to his , 3 years later I went to Madrid Spain for 6 months and he went and visited me for 2 weeks. Best trip ever. We celebrate each month since we've been together, every 11th day.


So, at our 7th anniversary, I couldn't finish his gift (a "100 happy days" book) so I told him I rather celebrate this anniversary one month later, so that I would have time to finish my present. And that was the deal. Anyways we went to dinner and for the first time, we talked about marriage. He told me he couldn't wait any longer, he was just so worried for the money we needed and we talked everything through. We didn't said a date or a year or anything like that, just that we were now prepared to take that next step.


One month later, when we were supposed to give out our presents, he took me to this restaurant in Parque Fundidora, we had dinner and when we were ready to go, he told me we should take some pictures in the gorgeous view we had up there. So we started our way to the balcony and I saw a table with 2 rose bouquets, and he told me "I think we're interrupting" so we had to make it quick. After like 3 seconds I told him "or is this for me?", he laughed and that was my "anniversary present". There was a projection in the wall and a video started, it was made by small videos of our friends congratulating us for the 7 years as a couple, and then a slideshow of pictures of him and I since we started our relationship. I'm such a cry baby that at that time, I realized I've been crying for the whole video. When the pictures ended, he appeared in the video talking to me, telling me he was so grateful for this years and for me being patient about getting married, etc. And then he started talking to me in person (by the time my mascara was so messed up by all the tears) I was sitting down and he was standing up, telling me that our time to be married was coming, and that we should be patient and wait for that moment, and then he said "or why wait any longer?" got on his knees and asked me to marry him!!!!! Of course, I bursted into tears and didn't even said yes! I was so overwhelmed and didn't expect it at all. We both are very crafty and always make detailed presents to each other, that I just never knew this was coming. THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. We toasted with champagne and send a selfie to our family and friends to tell them the big news.

March 11 2014.


The next day we went to dinner with both our families, and talked about where, when and how we were going to have the wedding. I've always wanted a beach wedding so the obvious option was Cancun, the prettiest beach. 2 months later we went on a trip to Cancun, one of my best friends got married and moved there, so everything was so much easier. It is a 2 hour trip, and we stayed there for 3 days. We decided on the date because we wanted a NO LABOR DAY and May 1st is Labor Day in Mexico. So it was perfect.


We were choosing between JW Marriot in Cancun or Azul Fives Hotel in the Riviera. But we decided on Azul Fives because it was All-Inclusive and that was a better place for our guests to stay.


First things first, I looked for the music, the photographer and the wedding planner. Everything was easier because for the music, a friend of mine got married in Cancun and recommended a Dj called Rickalvin, so I booked him first. I preferred a DJ because my fiancé loves hip hop and electronic music, and I am more into Pop - Top Hits, so we really wanted to hear the actual song than a group that maybe won't speak english that well. The wedding planner was also an easy choice because a friend of ours works as a planner in Playa del Carmen with a company called ANHEXO. They also rent furniture, decoration and sell flower arrangements. For the photographer, that was the tough part. I'm SO not a professional photographer, but I had a class or two and I really appreciate when things are focused, with the proper light, centered, and many other little details that not everyone cares about. But they are my wedding photos, the only memory I'll have of that day forever with me. So searching in the website www.bodas.com.mx I found several photographers but they were not my style. On that website I found a link to Fearless Photographers, were I found the ones I booked Shenko Photography. They matched all of our criteria and I well a little bit out of the budget, but finally what we wanted.


I'll be posting here everything I find about the suppliers, and details of the Hotel also; because I know many of you don't have the opportunity to visit Cancun before the wedding.


Hope it's helpful!

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@andreaberreta I'm getting marry in May 23 :) few weeks after your wedding. Are you going to pay any vendor fee for the DJ, photographer, and WC?

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I thought it was $800 for outside vendors. Did you negotiated the price??

I noticed that most of the services karisma offer are very expensive. i was thinking on getting an WC for flowers and decoration, but then i saw that they charge you $800 per verndor

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Mmm noo, I've always have that pricing. And it was only for flowers, photographer or dj, everything else is free to enter, only nee dot pay day pass for the people in charge.


Who is your contact in the hotel? 

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