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Finally Starting To Get The Ball Rolling



Hi Everyone!


It's been a LONG while since my last entry. Partly because I haven't really had much to say and because I've just been really busy. A lot has changed since my last entry. I finished college, my field placement, and ended up getting a full-time job. My fiance has also found full-time work as well. My fiance and I have decided that we want to move in together, so we've been really busy looking for apartments. And well when you live in Canada summer is really short, so we've been busy trying to make the most of our summer.


I am really glad to be back though!


As far as my wedding goes this is a rundown of what's happened since the last time I posted:


- Everyone disagreed with us having a late November date.

- One of my fiance's family members went to a wedding at the resort we were hoping to get married at and she said she had an awful time.

- We were very stressed as to how we were going to pay for our wedding and what the cost would be.

- My fiance was nervous about booking really far in advance for our wedding.

- We had to pick a new date adding a lot of stress to our planning

- On top of picking a new date we needed to pick a whole new venue! Somewhere we hadn't been to before and would not be able to actually visit until the wedding.


After all of the above happened I was a little hesitant to start planning again. I was very upset that my vision had really fallen through and I was worried that I wouldn't be having the wedding I dreamed about. It was only when I stepped back from everything I initially wanted that I remembered why I was getting married. I love my fiance and I genuinely want to spend the rest of my life with him. When I took the time to step back I realized that a wedding is one day, but I have the rest of my life with the man that I love and that's all I want, so none of the details really matter. It's not like I only cared about having a wedding before I took that time to reflect. I feel that sometimes brides, like myself, become fixated on making the day so perfect and stressing over all the little details that we forget that it's only one day and it will be great no matter what! I'm positive that my wedding day will turn out great as long as I get there with a heart full of love and an open mind.


A few weeks ago I called a wedding meeting with my fiance. I made a PowerPoint presentation and everything! We had agreed after the new year that we would have a meeting about our wedding in August to see where we were at with our job situation and whether we think a 2015 wedding would be possible. Our meeting was centered around picking a venue, picking a date, and picking a colour. I felt bad for my groom to be as we sat in a coffee shop for about three hours gathering all these details.


Cuba brides, be sure to check out Facebook's pages for the resorts you're interested in and general Cuba brides pages too! I found them really helpful in my planning process. I love this site, but there aren't as many Cuba brides on here or pictures. I love that this site has great ideas and general information for planning a destination wedding.


Since our wedding meeting we have come to a decision on the following:


- We decided on a Wedding date! We will be leaving September 19, 2015, and returning September 26, 2015. We're still waiting for confirmation on the date of the ceremony though.

- We decided on a venue! We are getting married at the Iberostar Varadero in Varadero, Cuba.

- We decided on a wedding colour! We are going with red.

- We are making our own save the date magnets.

- We picked invitations, and will be customizing them next weekend.


A lot is happening, but I'm so happy that we're finally in the planning part of our wedding!

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