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Questions About Traveling To Places With A Criminal Record



Hey there everyone,

My fiance had a mess up when he was a teenager and he has done his time and all. and has never been in trouble since, we are trying to find out if he and I will be able to travel anywhere. Have any of you tried or know of anyone that is Canadian and have traveled to any places like Jamaica or mexico anywhere really anywhere warm lol.


Thank you all :)


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I was told by Carnival that we needed to talk to the State dpt or a parole officer but usually unless you are going to Canada it is not a biggy

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my fiance has a criminal record as well, we are canadian, and have had no trouble travelling to Dominican Republic and Jamaica as long as you fly out of Canada on a non-stop flight (no connections in the USA) you will have no problem! 

He is also applying for a waiver/pardon so we can fly out of Detroit (closer in proximity to us than Toronto) 


hope this helps

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