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As a new season begins, trends of wedding fashion have changed also. Definitely, you should be curious about what marvelous pieces and bridal looks that designers showed us by their Fall collections. In this article, I would like to share with you some of the most popular ideas concerning wedding dresses for this fall.

Straps A-line Wedding Dresses

Straps will always be in trend whenever it comes to wedding dresses! No matter if these are thick, you are able to find how they match perfectly with a wedding gown that is made in no matter what style you want. Of course, in this season, there is a tendency of making these thicker than usual and being used especially at the level of wedding dresses with a vintage tone. Also, it turns out that A-Line wedding dresses are one of the most sought-after style, which is now embellished with a one of a kind design, featuring some elegant horizontal stripes. You will still be able to wear such a glamorous gown no matter what figure you belong to.

Bows and Butterfly Details on Wedding Gowns

Speaking about bridal accessories, features or prints, bridal gowns this fall seem to have a little something special. There are more details added to accentuate modern and romantic bridal looks. Bows have always been used in wedding dresses. However, in this fall collection, they tend to get more and more popular. Not only are they great looking if attached to a simple bridal gown, but also, they change the aspect of a wedding gown entirely if placed in the right side and made in the right way. In addition, we can find butterfly details also from these pieces. Designers perfectly combine this feature with a comfortable, yet very sophisticated and elegant skirt, thus emphasizing women need for comfort and elegance.

Colored Bridal Dresses

In terms of the color, just as my last post "Forget White - Choose Wedding Dress in Your Favorite Color. We observed colored gowns this season. Except for red and pink, faded tones came to be popular. Grey is one of the new white. Actually, designers have promoted this idea for a long time now, but it seems that this season, grey will definitely prevail and it will be an invasion of grey wedding gowns. Therefore, follow the tendencies and choose a colored gown instead of a white one.

What do you think of the wedding fashion this fall? What trends do you like?

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