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Destination Wedding Dress Trends 2012


Destination Wedding Dress Trends 2012

When anyone mentions a destination wedding, the mind will often jump to an image of a tropical or Caribbean island on the beach, the bride and groom silhouetted in front of a large wavy reddish-orange sun setting over the ocean.


What is this bride wearing in your mind? What would your dress look like in this image? How does your dress change if the phrase "destination wedding" is preceded by one of these, "mountain", "Scottish castle", "ski resort", or "Las Vegas"? The options are limitless! But what is the right dress for your destination wedding?


The trends for 2012 vary widely when talking about destination weddings simply because all destination weddings are not in a beach location. The destination wedding trend has expanded in many directions. This year the destination wedding trends are based upon the destination.


Since this is YOUR special day, you have the freedom to choose a destination for your wedding based upon anything you and your groom deem important. You can choose the location for your wedding by the style of your dream wedding dress, the name of the destination, or the location and scenic views. Whatever your reason for choosing a certain destination, there is a fabulous wedding gown that is just right for your memorable event!



Wedding Dresses with Blush or Color 

Yes! The biggest new trend for any wedding dress in 2012 is the option to choose a new color! No more white and ivory! Brides may now choose a very pale light pink or blush colored dress! This is HUGE considering the traditional “bride wears white” thinking.


As with any wedding dress, there are many things to consider as you search for THE PERFECT dress. You must consider the season in which the wedding will be held, the weather for the season and location, and your body. Now on to destination wedding dress trends for 2012!





Beach Wedding Trend

The 2012 trend for a "Tropical destination wedding" or beach wedding dress is to choose a short or tea length dress with graceful flowing layers. You will want a dress that is made from light materials such as lace or chiffon with a sweetheart neckline (but this can be covered for modesty). Corset tops are also a big trend in 2012. For a beach wedding, you will want a corset that is simple and lightweight.





Cruise Wedding Trend

Some couples decide to get married on a cruise on the way to their honeymoon destination. The mermaid style, trumpet style, or sheath/column style dresses are the best suited for a cruise wedding in 2012. The fabric and sleeve style depend on the cruise origination and destination. If your cruise is in a tropical climate, you may choose spaghetti straps, strapless, or lacy sleeves.


Two Gowns for Destination Weddings

Absolutely!  There is an emerging trend in which the bride will have two gowns for the wedding. These brides wear a long elegant gown for the ceremony and pictures, and then they change into a second gown for the reception. The second gown is typically less restricting, often tea length, and a similar style as the first dress that was worn for the ceremony.


This is a good option for a cruise destination wedding, especially if your cruise will be in different climate areas during your wedding. This trend is not only for destination weddings though. Any bride can have two dresses for any reason. Many brides choose a second dress to have the freedom to “party” or (if they are thinking ahead, and all brides should) if the destination for your wedding has a drop in temperature after the sun goes down.






Castle Wedding Trend

Travel now to a castle for a fairytale wedding. There are so many castles around the world, such as Camelot Castle Hotel in Cornwall, England (and of course, let us not forget Cinderella’s Castle in Disney World!) that you will be able to find at least one that is meaningful for your ceremony and celebration, and fits into your budget.


The 2012 dress trend for a castle destination wedding is to wear a floor length flowing gown, a corset that has a sweetheart neckline, with a long train. The longer the dress and train the better!  Elegant and over the top!  You are a "princess" bride after all!!


For a castle wedding, you could also choose a gothic or Victorian style dress. There are so many possibilities with destination weddings a girl may have a difficult time deciding on one!





Mountain Destination Wedding Trend

Mountain weddings are a unique destination location because they can vary so much in atmosphere and climate. The dress trend information out there about mountain destination weddings is to choose a heavy ball gown with layers of petticoats, long sleeves or a Bolero jacket. If you are choosing your destination by the dress you want, this type of dress will give you the option to have your wedding in the French Alps or in the Colorado Rocky Mountains at a ski resort

dress06.jpg dress07.jpg




Wherever your dreams come true

This is your wedding and if your fantasy wedding has you dressed as an ice princess getting married to your knight in shining armor there is a perfect destination for you at either the ICE HOTEL in Quebec-Canada or the ICEHOTEL Sweden.


You can BestDestinationWedding.com to search all over the world so you can find the beach, castle, resort, mountain, vineyard, or ice hotel of your dreams! You can have a unique destination wedding with a gown that your friends and family will rave about for years.


Destination weddings are more than just beaches and ocean sunsets now! 


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my dream dress is not ideal for a destination wedding, but it's my dream dress & it was on sale, couldn't pass that up could i?!


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 I've always wanted a very formal and glamorous wedding.  For many family issues, we chose Cancun (in TWO months). The reception will be in the ballroom, and I'm hoping to get an a/c location with a view of the ocean for my ceremony (but not guaranteed). Would it be ridiculous to have an elegant - castle like dress?


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