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Top 10 Things to Pack for you Destination Wedding

Alexis Karlin

You are just a day away from getting on a plane to your destination wedding and you are standing in front of your suitcase thinking, “this is the last thing I want to do, pack!” Well don’t worry, leave it to us to help you get your packing juices flowing. Here is a 10-item list of all the things you will need for the prefect-wedding day:


1. The dress. Regardless if you are having a beach wedding or even an in church wedding you can’t forget your dress. If you tip the stewardess when you get on the plane she will happily hang it in first class for you. Just make sure you put it in a sturdy garment bag and grab it when you get off the plane.

2. The grooms wedding attire. Having your dress is just as important as having something for your groom to wear. Make sure you carry this on the plane with you as well. In a separate garment bag, of course.

3. Travel documents, if you have e-tickets or need passports, make sure you put those next to your suitcase the night before you fly.

4. Birth certificates or wedding license. Depending on where you get married the license office might require seeing your birth certificate, but check with your wedding planner first. If not your wedding license is a must bring item.

5. The rings. DO NOT put these in your suitcase. Anything can happen to a checked suitcase, don’t take that chance.

6. Phone numbers. Who knows your phone could go dead, you can’t rely on that digital phone book at a last minute moment like your wedding.

7. Sunscreen. Most couples like to go a few days early to scope out the place, have a rehearsal, or just relax before the big day. Well, the last thing you need is to stay in the sun a little too long ending up with an unwanted red glow on your special day.

8. Amex gift cards. It doesn’t hurt to always tip the people helping out with your wedding and nothing says thank you like an Amex Gift card that can be used anywhere in the world.

9. A guest book. This is the one day in your lifetime you will have all friends and family in one spot, to share your special day with you. Bringing a guest book to have everyone sign is a great memento to pull out every year on your anniversary and share the memories together with your new spouse.

10. Your vows. If you are planning to say your own vows, just remember there might not be a computer or an easy way to print out your last minute words of love. So print out your final draft before you fly. Just don’t let your fiancé sneak a peak.

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