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The Perfect Time To Get Married


We know, having your beach wedding ceremony at sunset seems like the most romantic wedding on earth. But at the Caribbean the sun does not set at the seaside and our experience throughout the years of taking artistique photographs learned that the sun is quickly blocked by surrounding clouds (even if they do create beautiful postcard skies before they take away the sun) or buildings (particularly in resorts), long before the actual sunset. The sun also goes down in a blink in tropical regions such as the Riviera Maya. This all together makes that you do not enjoy that magical moment very long and by the end of the ceremony it will be dark, disabling you to have those lifetime memory pictures of you and your freshly new husband.

Therefore, instead of planning your ceremony right at sunset, schedule it one to two hours before. It will allow you to have wonderful shots with rays of a late afternoon sun and the ceremony will still be breathtaking! After the bridal session, the dark blue skies of entering night are the best backdrops for us photographers, to shoot the cocktail/reception set-ups.

Shawna + Jerome

Ashley + Scott


If you really want to have the ceremony during sunset, the best thing to do is to preview a bridal/TTD session before the ceremony or another day later on, as explained in our article ‘Bride and Groom, a first sight story’.





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I always thought about the quick setting sun for a destination wedding that would seem to pose a problem.

Thanks for posting this


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