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The Knot's Top Wedding Trends for 2016


According to wedding resource expert, The Knot, this year's wedding trends are all about personalization.


"Weddings are more personalized than ever, with couples putting their own unique touches on classic traditions," says Kellie Gould, editor in chief of The Knot. "Couples are taking entertainment up a notch by hiring contemporary choirs that will sing an a cappella version of their first dance song, and upgrading the signature cocktail to satellite bars featuring specialty drinks with engraved glassware and elaborate garnishes. Guys are even upping their grooming game and stepping into the spotlight more with custom suits and accessories."


Here's a list of The Knot's 2016 wedding trends:


1. Two-in-One Dresses & Fashion-Forward Florals: brides are opting for convertible dresses that combine a formal ceremony gown and a fun reception frock in one. Flowers are being infused beyond the bouquet and centerpieces -- flower dress accents and flower crowns are among some favorites.

2. Wedding Concierge Pros: Wedding planning is getting easier because now there's either a pro or an app to hire/use to execute any element of the day.

3. Satellite Bars: personalize the party with your favorite libation, or even serve a tasting of preferred wines. Set up a bar that highlights your preferred drink, like champagne or a specialty gin.

4. Contemporary Choirs & Late-Night Karaoke: Surprise guests by hiring a marching band or gospel choir and have them perform a favorite rock ballad for the walk down the aisle or an a cappella version of the first dance song. And if you're hosting an after-party, karaoke is king.

5. Sweet Endings: The wedding cake is here to stay, but it's no longer the only dessert on the menu. Passed treats, especially of the frozen variety like shaved ice or fruit-infused ice pops with the couple's names on the stick, are trending along with installations like doughnut walls.

6. Wow-Worthy Websites: Couples are hiring design gurus to create a completely custom site with a unique URL, bespoke details and personalized illustrations.

7. Total Personalization: The new wedding tells a couple's story, meaning a complete customization of details. From serving the couple's favorite dish from a local restaurant or having an ordained family member officiate the ceremony, elements will reflect their favorite tastes and interests, making their wedding day uniquely their own. Couples are even choosing original themes that represent the two of them.

8. 3-D Printing: Paper will always have a place in weddings, but couples are creating memorable 3-D save-the-dates that set the vibe for a modern celebration, and even making a 3-D printed cake topper that looks just like the bride and groom.

9. Food-Inspired Floral Elements: Artichokes and Kale vs. Roses: Bouquets and centerpieces are getting a style boost thanks to untraditional floral elements, like fruit and vegetables.

10. Stylish Grooms: Guys are now looking for a second look, opting for a unique reception look too. Custom suits with embroidered monograms, velvet loafers and personalized cuff links give guys more style options than ever before in 2016.

11. Locally Sourced Food: The new wedding menu will mimic the offerings at your local farm-to-table restaurant. Forget standard chicken or beef and say hello to "free-range Happy Days Farm hen." Good food, both in taste and provenance, is playing a greater role in dinner fare.

12. Metallic Palettes: It's all about shimmer and shine this year. Don't be afraid to mix silver and rose gold or gunmetal and gold—metallics play well together. The addition of luster elevates any look, giving a couple's wedding style an extra-special feel.

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