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How to find TRUSTWORTHY Wedding planner ONLINE

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When you are in front of your computer and you have 3,000 listed options for wedding planner or resort and they all say they are the best what do you do? Who do you trust?

I suggest 5 steps to filter out the pretenders from the genuine article. This will give you 100% confidence you chose the right person to handle your dream wedding!

1) References. Any planner or venue with experience should have at least 10 past brides you can talk to by phone or email about their services. Most brides are so thankful with a good wedding planner that they will do it for them gladly. You form a bond with a great wedding planner that is unexplainable. They were there with you the whole way and most likely saved the day 2 or 3 times! So they remember that and help them for sure!

2) Facebook. For example go to Facebook page of the business and see what others comment on their page. How many friends they have on Facebook is also a good indicator of their efficiency or fame in the area. I like to see what people comment on their posts on Facebook and see their pictures. If you see many good comments then most likely it is a good choice.

3) You Tube. They have to have videos of their work or their venue. This is a must! If no videos are shown they have not had weddings or do not have the skills to post a video, either way it is not a good sign.

4) If booking online make sure they have a US account you can send your deposit to or a US address you can mail a check to because this at least filters out a few scammers that you may encounter. It is not a rule that all great planners have USA accounts but it is more likely that they are serious or have had so much business in US that they decided to have an account here.

5) Do not pay much in advance! Give a 30% deposit max for package, the rest you can pay once you have seen more or visited and picked out vendors etc. However, when renting the venue they will ask for all or 50% for rental depending on the distance of the date. But the rest of the vendors do not need big deposits. I book many weddings without the bride having to spend on traveling to see the venue but many do come for a visit. So if you are going to visit well that is great. However most bride's need to save money so if you can book online with confidence this will save about 2 to 3,000 dollars; that buys a lot of fireworks and flowers and pays for the photographer.

Enjoy your planning and I hope this helps all you brides coming to Mexico or anywhere in the world to fulfill your dream!
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Aug 13 2012 04:02 PM
Thank you for your article Jimmy, As a wedding planner myself, I certainly hope all our brides read this good inside tip. Greetings From Dream Weddings Riviera Maya!
Hola Amiga! I hope you have a margarita in your hand and the Mayan Gods have blessed you with a sunshiny day!!! Again, haha. Than you for your kind words and let's help some brides fulfill their dreams in Mexico! If you need anything on the west coast I am here for you. As I will think of you whn I have to refer brides to the east coast :) Saludos!
Aug 21 2012 10:04 AM
I had two tequila shots on your behalf, haha!! Yes Lets make many dreams become a reality!! I love love your location!!

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