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How to choose a wedding theme?

How to choose a wedding theme?
The wedding theme is not only matches your unique personality but is also to fitting for the time of the year and the wedding venues. In Adventure weddings, we can help you to decide the best beach weddings options, taking count the next points:
Modern or classic:
There is son many wedding theme you can choose but all ideas fall under the modern or classic
Before to make a decision, we suggest making the site inspection to your wedding venue so you can have a better idea how the location will look like according the theme you have been considered.
Take any advice from your wedding coordinator, she is the person who knows the place and she will definitely give you the best ideas…
Think, what makes you unique? What will be the WOW factor that will make your wedding a day to remember…




There is a great list of themes to give ideas here http://blog.bestmiam...ight-for-you-2/. Personally I love the Great Gatsby theme but there is pretty much any theme for every personal preference on this list. 

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