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MENU SELECTION IN Puerto Vallarta by Martoca Beach Garden




Rock Lobster and Beef Tenderloin Surf and Turf 



Seafood Hors d' Oeuvres Served During Cocktail Hour


Dear Brides:

When selecting a Menu it is crucial to understand what your priorities are for your guests and also, unfortunately, you must be aware of your budget limitations in most of our cases. Believe me 99% of our brides have to be careful with their budget so do not feel like you are the only ones.What I suggest for my brides is to analyze the majority of the guests and try and come up with a menu design which will please most of them and will make them feel special and that will teach them about local cuisine; and obviously we try to encourage using local produce and proteins such as rock lobster as seen here, organic vegetables, local fish like Red Snapper, Sea Bass, Marlin, Mahi-Mahi, Grass fed Beef and Fruit fed Pork and freshly caught west coast Shrimp and other specialties. 

My favorite way of approaching the menu selection is to first decide if you want a formal dinner or a casual "foodie" experience where local street food can shine since it is in vogue at the moment. I strongly suggest not to mix formal dinners with casual settings and decor or casual street food "foodie" or Food Truck style wedding with a elegant formal setting. It may sound good to a few people but most people do not feel like eating with their hands at an elegant formal wedding. Specially if they are wearing their best outfits. I just recommend staying consistent with your parties theme, a casual menu for a casual, fun, simple wedding and choose a fine dining menu for an elegant, amazingly decorated and formal wedding.


I will write soon about how to select the actual menu and most importantly how to get the guests to tell you what they prefer to eat. That helps so much in the planning and costing of your wedding :)








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