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How to Budget Mexico Weddings


These are some general guidelines to prepare an estimate or your "mas o menos" budget for your destination wedding when it is not in an all-inclusive hotel scenario or a restaurant. I assume other venues are similar in the way they operate so this could be handy for you even if you are not choosing Martoca Beach Garden as your venue for your wedding.

The venue should rent here in Puerto Vallarta area for 2,200 to 5,500 dollars on a beach front setting. The price also depends on wether it is a weekday or a weekend since weekdays are usually half price. Some places are villas so they charge you 5 night stays mandatory which could cost up to 10,000 a night for the villa which has many rooms.

The catering may vary from 30 dollars a person to 150 dollars a person. This includes tables, chairs, dinnerware and service andall that is needed for catering and the banquet setting. Anything more and you are paying way too much. Unless of course a world class chef is doing the cooking and even then it would have to be a 6 or 7 course dinner.

The Open bar should cost from 25 dollars a person for beer and wine and soft drinks to 55 dollars for a specialty bar and a full premium bar with top notch liquors. A decent average bar should be 35 usd per person for 8 hour open bar.

DJ and dace floor for 8 hours should cost you from 800 usd up to no more than 3,000 usd with all included for a big nightclub setting with LED lighting, strobe lights, smoke and whatever else you can think for entertainment.

The ceremony gazebo should cost anywhere from 300 dollars and up since this varies with taste and decorations. Mostly flowers can make the biggest difference in cost. A simple setting should be 300 usd.

These are the core items for a wedding in a venue. Wedding planners charge 10% of the total cost of the wedding or they may charge a flat fee. A good fully bilingual coordinator will charge about 2,000 dollars for a good quality wedding. There are others who may charge 1,000 dollars but the service will be lacking much promptness and they will not be able to speak English effectively.

There are however wedding designers who charge 5,000 or 6,000 dollars for there services. it really depends on your budget and your desire for special decorations. Most of the extra cost is spent on flowers and special decorations or handmade items. It definately makes a difference but if you just want a great party with good food and drinks and excellent music and fun the whole enchilada should run you on average about 200 dollars a person for a very nicely decorated wedding wit great quality food and service.

Happy hunting for your perfect spot that suits your budget.

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